Monday, May 21, 2007

Finished Socks & new yarn!

I went home this weekend just for the hell of it. I also wanted to go home to see my friend Anna. We had a fun time. We went to a LYS 20 minutes from her house, nice house btw. I bought some Anne yarn & 4 more skeins of Panda Cotton. . . in my school colours. I know, I know! But I'm such a sucker for black & gold! While I was gone I finished the pair of socks below. . . .pretty eh? I decided to keep them. . . . . . .yes, I'm bad, oh well. They were knit on size 2's & knit up extremely fast.

Anyways, before I left I bought a skein of 549 yards of baby alpaca in a light DK. I brought it home & dyed it before I left. Below is a before picture & the two next to that are the after pics. I'm calling this colourway Melon Cocktail.I love how the colours came out & it's sooo soft!

Here it is hanging in my shower drying.

Finished drying:

Below is my new skein of Anne yarn, soft & beautiful, I LOVE bright colours!!

Below is a pic of the finished Pink Panda Cotton socks wrapped up & my mom's OSU socks I'm finally working on.

It also seems Anna tagged me. . . .eeekkk!!
Seven interesting things about me:

1. I've been to every continent except Anarctica & Australia.
2. I once set a bathroom on fire at a bar mitzvah. . . . .it was someone I didn't like. . . it was an accident! I was 11!
3. I used to ply an online game for 8 years of my life, sometimes 16 hours a day suring the summer. . . .it was called Ultima Online. I finally quit & haven't played it since, I quit in January 2006. Go me!
4. I have traveled all around the world but have never ever been to my state capitol, Springfield, IL.
5. I love to drive around hand blast music when I cool down. . . .I hate being bothered with trifles & get angry very eaily. Knitting is also one of my stressrelievers.
6. I was born on Septembet 9th, 1985 at 9 miniutes to 9 pm. B-Day: 9/9/85.
7. After 20 years of exitence I have finally been diagnosed ADD after having problems my entire life. Gotta love science. . . .

I tag:

Melanie, LotusKnits
Chelsea, very voluble
Jennifer, MajorKnitter
Kristi, Knitanon
Jennifer, X-Treme Knitting
1870 Pearl


LotusKnits said...

Your dye project looks great! So vibrant!

Glad you like the OSU yarn; it's looking good!

Knittyknitter said...

The socks turned out great. ;) You like the slighter-than-anklets version now that you can finally wear them?

Hmm, interesting color choice for your dyed yarn. You could probably also name it "melon fusion"

P.s- nice idea about the sock labels. I think I might just steal that idea one day, if someone receives socks from me. :-P

Abigail said...

Thanks for tagging me the answers that you want shall be on my blog tonight:D

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