Monday, July 27, 2009

New website and blog!

Please change your bookmark to this address for my new website and blog!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My brother got married, scary. . .

This past weekend my parents and I went down to Austin, Texas for my older brother's wedding. It was held on Saturday at 2pm. All I have to say is that the wedding was beautiful and Texas is WAY too hot for my tasted. Heh, seriously I nearly died in the 111 degree weather. Below are two images from the wedding. I'll post one of the couple when the professional ones are up.

And a picture of boy/FH and I at the wedding. No, boy/FH is not Jewish. I was sooo happy that he could be there with me. it was also nice to see him, because we hadn't seen each other since my graduation in May. The wedding was held by a Rabbi, but mixed both Alicia's Christian background and my brother's Jewish background.

Sorry, no knitting this time, but maybe later. I am currently losing my mind with two shows within a month of each other. Shoot me. . . <3

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