Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm not a drunk. . . .

I'm a college student who gets drunk. . . soooo Thursday nights are the big "drinking" nights at most universities. Being the first week of classes I had to go out. Anna, her boy Joe and I went to a bar called Brothers. She'd been trying to get me to go for a while. . . .me = stupid sometimes. They have a mug club every Thursday where you buy a mug for $5 and every refill is $1. That was sweet, except the fact that their mixed drinks suck. No offense Anna.
Anna, who may I remind you guys is the pattern designer for the sock club. lmfao

Anna & her boy Joe. . . .we won't ask about the tongue, really. By this time she had had a few drinks.

Joe's friend Jim. . . .I have no idea wtf he's doing with my camera. I barely remember this. Think I was trying to get a pic of him.

Jim & I, he's cute and I have his number. HA HA. Yeah, that will NEVER happen, but he's sweet. Btw Anna, I'm not rough around the edges, I just get defensive about my beer! =P

My sister came to my rescue and drove me home. I love having her in town. I walked to Anna's dorm and mind you I was wearing 4 1/2 inch Steven Madden heels!!! Never again. I'll wear flip flops next time. Screw heels in a bar. I have sores on my feet now. OW!
There are a lot more pics, but that's for a later time. Also there will be knitting content, sometime again in the near future. Cheers!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Tortured My Dog. . .

Great title eh? We didn't REALLY torture my dog. My sister & I were at Iowa Book and saw this adorable Iowa jersey for a dog. I bought one, the one I thought would fit & it did. And we rushed back to my apartment to see it on Mac. I think it fit, while my sister said it was a little tight. Sooo now I have to return it & get the larger size. He's not a huge dog. Blah! Pics below, I think it was adorable!

Below is a pic of my progress on my second pair of Wonk Cable Cabin Socks. I like it so far. The pooling is cool. =)

My shower has reached maximum capacity at the moment. Jen helped me dye up 2 more coloursways for my Loopy Ewe order. Behold Tonks & Half Blood Prince. Don't be fooled. each one of those skeins is actually 8 oz, so 2 actual skeins come out of it. Sweet eh?

SOCK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I lowered the price for the sock club because I was a dumbass when I posted them up.

Monthly is now $35
Complete payment is now $175

I hope this is more reasonable for people. Smack me if you like, I give you permission. ;-)


The winners of my football player contest will be announced Saturday right after the Iowa, NIU game at Soldier Field. For people who chose the same players that I think are hot, there will be a coin toss for the winner. Don't be afraid to choose the same player as someone else. Fair game for everyone because really none of you know my taste in men, unless you know me personally. . . .lmfao

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wonky Cable Cabin Sock Pattern

Yep, I'm knitting another pair. I love my others sooo much, I decided to give you ladies the pattern. You can download it HERE.
The yarn I'm using for my second pair is sport weight from Spunkyhats in the colourway "Penguin March." Amy doesn't sell this colourway anymore, but her other colours rock also. =) This yarn has been sitting in my stash since November. I originally purchased it because it has Hawkeye colours in it. =P It's about time I took it out and did something with it. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Yarn Contest!!! & parents are coming. . . . .

*Warning* Big POST!

Okay, first off. I FINALLY got my sisters stupid demonic Badger socks off the needles!!! It took 9 months, but they are finally DONE!!! They're actually closer than I thought they would be. Not horrible. Now she can wear them to the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game up in Madison on September 22nd. I can't wait!!!!

I mention free yarn in my header. Well, there are 4 batches of yarn I'm giving away. I'm even paying for shipping. I'm doing "Fall Cleaning" and need to get rid of it. It would break my heart if I had to throw it away. =(
Below are the 4 batches. They all have enough for at least SIX pairs of socks each. Some have more yarn than that. There is some Lorna's Laces, Trekking, Jojoland Melody, Jojoland Kaleidescope, Twinkletoes, etc. In order to get it you must find a picture of a Hawkeye Football player that you think is attractive and explain why you chose him in the comment section. If you all choose the same player, I will know you've gone through my blog and will not be happy. =P Some advice, go for players from between 2003 and 2006. =P or go here to look: Hawkeye Sports. I will pick the people who picked the most attractive player in my opinion. I mean come on, it's free yarn! ALSO, PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG! *forgot, sorry*

Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

The yarn for my Loopy Ewe order, sock club and update arrived today. It actually surprised me. Yes, that is a shitload of yarn. weee!!! Let the fun begin. . .!!!!

Talking about college. Parents mean a few things to college students:

1. Money
2. Real Food
3. Grief and Annoyance
4. Money & Real Food
5. Reminders of why you are at college
6. (in my situation and the worst of them all) Clean Dorm Room/Apartment and much criticism and bitching if opinions differ in cleanliness

I am not known as being the cleanest person on the planet, shut up Anna. And my parents are coming on Saturday which means they will, mainly my mom, expect it to be clean. They are BOTH clean freaks. So is my sister for that matter. So, this means I have had to clean my entire apartment. Below are som pictures of the progress. No, there are not before pictures because I didn't think about it. Oh well. I'm doing better in my apartment than I was in my dorm.
Below is my living room, yep tons of yarn on the coffee table. Most of it waiting to be wound into hanks.

Next we have my kitchen with a huge pile of dishes in the sink (those will be taken care of shortly).

My computer room (where I am right now typing this to you) and where my sock stash resides. (sorry no pic yet) It also happens to usually be the brightest room in the entire apartment, no idea why. It was a disaster earlier, so the fact that you can see the floor is a miracle. =P

I also cleaned my bedroom, stripped the bed, put most of the laundry away, etc. Mac decided my blankets (waiting for the sheets to be cleaned) was a great place for him to snuggle in. In other words, not like my bed wasn't already covered in dog hair, considering the munchkin sleeps on my bed, he decided the blankets were now conquered in the name of "MacKintosh Apple Computer." Oh well.

I also feel really bad for Janice because she moved her daughter into her dorm today and it stormed all morning here in IC. =/ Hope nothing got ruined in the mud hole in front of the dorm. Oh and yay for a new Hawkeye who's mother is a kick ass knitter!!!

Also, I'm sad because I just found out that I can't go to one of my best friend's wedding. She's getting married November 11th in downtown Chicago. The 11th is a Sunday and I have class the next morning. IC is about 4 to 5 hours from downtown Chicago. The wedding is from 6pm to midnight. Not exactly reasonable for me. =( I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids. =( =( =( =( =( =(

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News Flash!

I HATE BEING FEMALE!!!! There are certain parts of my anatomy I could DEFINATELY do without! Okay, enough with the angry you're a chic and guys have it so easy, etc etc shit. Now, where's the Midal and my heating pad?

I have a finished object! Yes! It is amazing! I finished the second of my Wonky Cable Cabin Socks. Pattern coming soon. Anyways, the amazing part about this is. . . . they were only knit on ONE set of needles! No SSS here! I like them, they'll be nice this winter while walking to class. Btw, classes start Monday, actually can't wait.

Next we have the yarn I am sending to Claudia of Wollmeise. We're doing a swap. Both of the skeins below are a tencel/merino blend. One is obviously Half Blood prince and the other is Japanese Maple. I LOVE the luster and sheen of this yarn. It maybe added to my collection in the spring. One of the skeins in the sock club may be this yarn also. *hint* *hint*

A long with yarn, I dyed up some roving. This is called "November." Yeah, how original eh? Okay, shut up now. LoL. One of my customers asked me to dye up some roving to show her employer in Chicago, a yarn store owner. Sooo I'm dying up more. or will be once the painkiller kicks in and I'm fully conscience. I like it a lot and don't want to put it in the etsy store, but I must. *cries*

Talking about the sock club. 14 sign-ups have been added to my etsy shop If you need monthly billing, please message me. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

6 days until classes begin. . .

I'm actually excited because I want to go back to a normal schedule. It'll be nice to be learning once more. . . Florida made me value my education. lmfao
Gencon was a lot of fun. I bought some more art, am now playing a new card game and actually only got into a bitching fight with my sister. . . .twice. That's a very small amount for us. Lmfao. AND my sister & her boyfriend are still together. Lastyear after Gencon, they weren't. . .
Soooo what did I do knitting wise? I knit a sock! I used STR mediumweight in Fairgrounds. I like it alot. I'm naming the socks, Wonky Cable Cabin Socks. I'm going to knit another pair in my Chubby Sock Yarn so it fits in with ym yarns. I'll also put the pattern in my etsy shop if anyone is interested. =)
I need better pics, I know. . .

I had to take a pic with the shoes I'll most likely wear them with almost all winter, besides my Ugg boots.

I finally finished the first of my grandma's Cable sockie things that I forgot the name of. I've already started the heel on the second one, like that says much lmfao.

I also have some stash enhancements today. Yes, that is Vesper sock yarn below. Yes, there are 2 skeins. No, you can't have them. =P The colourways are Sweet Water (one with the orange) and Crew.

Claudia also sent me a skein of Lowenzahn. We're doing a swap. I'm sending her 2 skeins of tencel/merino blend hand dyed by me. I will ship those out tomorrow. I really hope she likes them. =)

Below is a preview of 2 of my newest colourways. These are part of my Autumn Series called: Hoodie Weather. Yep, that's the name of the series, because whenever I think of fall, I think of wearing a hooded sweatshirt and football games. . . oh, and food & the apple orchard and pumpkin patch and leaves changing, etc. You get what I mean. =)
Below are Japanese Maple (the pink, red, purple, etc blend) and Pumpkin Pie (the other one. . .) These are watercoloured so there will not be a specific pooling like my other yarns.


Sign ups for the Cuaran Sock Club (Cuaran is Scottish Gaelic for sock) will be posted later this week on my etsy shop.

The sock club includes the following:

1 skein of yarn and 1 pattern in each shipment. The patterns will be copywritten and any reproductions of these patterns will have serious consequences
The yarns will vary between Celtic, Woodland, and Chubby
Each shipment will be sent out every other month
The first shipment will be sent out in early October
There will be contests and prizes every month
The club is limited to 30 individuals

Months for shipments:


There will be a lot of goodies included with the yarn and pattern. One of which will be a sock knitting bag specially sewn for the club by Anna

If you need to, you can be billed each month that there is a shipment. If not, there will be full sign-ups in the etsy shop. If you need monthly billing, please message me. Thanks!

I also have some bragging to do:
Venka finished her Bellatrix LeStrange socks in my colourway, Bellatrix LeStrange. They look awesome!

Chelsea also finished both of her pairs of socks! She used Aurelie and The Burrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back. . . . kind of. . . maybe. . .

Sooooo, this past weekend was Stitches Midwest. It was sooo much fun! I was in heaven when it came to sock yarns. I actually was amazed and proud of myself at the same time that I put back so much Socks That Rock. Below is a picture of the wall of The Fold a few hours after I got there. I worked with Toni at the booth for 2 days. My yarn was on display also. I sold 39/69 skeins over 1 1/2 days. Not horrible for a new dyer. The leftovers are on my etsy shop. =)

Here's some of the yarn I purchased. I bought some Tess yarn, but was greatly disappointed when I had to cut it off of my new swift because the hank wasn't wound properly. There goes $16. Damnit. Everything below is Socks That Rock. Some is already wound and ready for my trip to Indianapolis this weekend. Gencon here I come!!!

I haven't gotten much knitting done, unfortunately. Below is a pair of socks I'm working on. These are the Cable & Rib socks from Favourite Socks. The yarn is STR Lightweight in Sherbert. Yes, that is my new Packers sock knitting bag from StuckinIllinois's etsy shop. She has awesome bags!!! Just search for her on etsy, you will not be disappointed.

Hoprfully in this picture you can see the cable better. It's simple and beautiful. I love how the yarn is pooling. =)

I also purchased my new MacBook Pro this weekend with the college student discount. I got the 30 GB video iPod instead of the nano, because I already have a nano. With the discount I saved $199 on it and only had to pay $50. I also got a new printer for only $80. It was awesome. A pain in the ass because we had to go back & forth twice between Woodfield & Oakbrook, but it was worth it. Sooo I have been playing a lot of Sims 2 on my new laptop. It's fun, the great thing about it is I can turn it off and it isn't multiplayer. Oy. . . remembering those horrible days.

Now I have 4 Mac computers and 1 Mac dog. =P Life is good.

Also, I am going to start working on the sock club with Anna, that will hopefully be available this October. It will be every other month and you will recieve yarn, a pattern, and some goodies as well. =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

As You Wish. . . .

I just had to. . . .I am taking a break from winding up yarn. . . . omfg is he yummy!

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

I am also pleased to announce that hopefully in the next few months my yarn will be sold at both & TheLoopyEwe. =) Yay!!!!! But, first I have Stitches of course. . . .

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks!!!!

I got my Sockapalooza Socks today and LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! My pal was Sarah over at BellaKnitting. The socks were knit in Sundara Sport weight in the colourwat "Green Tea." That name is so my sister. lmfao. I love love love love love GREEN!!! My car is green, my moped is green, my sheets & comofrter are green, my teapot is green, towels, rugs, etc. Basically most things are green. I love the fact that she id a short row heel. . . .this I will never manage to do lmfao! Aren't they pretty???? =) Thanks Sarah!!!

Short row heel view. . .

Here are the goodies she sent me:
Vanilla Tea bags, they smell good, which is a good sign =P
Lantern Moon US 2 needles, they are the 7" needles. . . I use 5" ones because I break all of my 7" because of my strong grip, I'll see what I can do knitting wise, but they're STILL Lantern Moon! and ebony too. . .yum!
A pattern for a Sports Scarf with four balls of Karabella Merino in Hawkeye colours. . .I think she knows I'm an Iowa fan. . . =P
Also she sent me some handspun Spunky Eclectic 2-ply in a sock weight! I can't manage this weight yet, damnit. It's pretty but there is a reason a certain colour *cough* red *cough* is lacking in my stash, hell my life period. I'm not a big fan. . . my mom is, which is why there is red in my stash. It's soooooo pretty though! I'll find something to knit it up into. Maybe socks for my mom. I think she'd like that. ;-)

Here is the handspun she sent me. It has some grey and peach & yellow. It's on the brink of being Ohio State colours, so my mom will definately like it. =)

Also, lastnight I finished the Kona, hate the yarn, "Diabolical Christmas" socks. I'm giving these to my sister because she's always complaining I haven't knit her a pair yet. . . and also her Badger Cardinal & White ones are also almost done. *phew*

I'm leaving to go back to Rockford today and this weekend I have Stitches, most of the yarn is done. Then next weekend I have Gencon. yay!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Etsy Shop Update. . . .

I just did a huge etsy update and added 10 skeins of the following colourways:


Pics coming soon after my nap. <3

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