Friday, August 24, 2007

Wonky Cable Cabin Sock Pattern

Yep, I'm knitting another pair. I love my others sooo much, I decided to give you ladies the pattern. You can download it HERE.
The yarn I'm using for my second pair is sport weight from Spunkyhats in the colourway "Penguin March." Amy doesn't sell this colourway anymore, but her other colours rock also. =) This yarn has been sitting in my stash since November. I originally purchased it because it has Hawkeye colours in it. =P It's about time I took it out and did something with it. Enjoy!


~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

We can meet up tonight. I like the House of Aromas atmosphere for knitting... so....just let me know when you wanna go. You have a car for us to park by there? Doesn't starbucks have a lot for free there?

Bring: 1. Dobby Yarn 2. Narcissa yarn (if you didn't give "my" skein away, lol.) 3. something to knit with.

I'll bring: 1. My copy of the Dobby pattern to show you 2. You swap yarn 3. something to knit with.

BuffaloDharma said...

Hi, the link to the pattern pdf is not working - is something wrong with it, or is it me???
Thanks, Wendy

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