Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News Flash!

I HATE BEING FEMALE!!!! There are certain parts of my anatomy I could DEFINATELY do without! Okay, enough with the angry you're a chic and guys have it so easy, etc etc shit. Now, where's the Midal and my heating pad?

I have a finished object! Yes! It is amazing! I finished the second of my Wonky Cable Cabin Socks. Pattern coming soon. Anyways, the amazing part about this is. . . . they were only knit on ONE set of needles! No SSS here! I like them, they'll be nice this winter while walking to class. Btw, classes start Monday, actually can't wait.

Next we have the yarn I am sending to Claudia of Wollmeise. We're doing a swap. Both of the skeins below are a tencel/merino blend. One is obviously Half Blood prince and the other is Japanese Maple. I LOVE the luster and sheen of this yarn. It maybe added to my collection in the spring. One of the skeins in the sock club may be this yarn also. *hint* *hint*

A long with yarn, I dyed up some roving. This is called "November." Yeah, how original eh? Okay, shut up now. LoL. One of my customers asked me to dye up some roving to show her employer in Chicago, a yarn store owner. Sooo I'm dying up more. or will be once the painkiller kicks in and I'm fully conscience. I like it a lot and don't want to put it in the etsy store, but I must. *cries*

Talking about the sock club. 14 sign-ups have been added to my etsy shop If you need monthly billing, please message me. Thanks!


Janice said...

Hey, good luck with classes next week. And a big hurray and congrats on having your yarn at The Loopy Ewe! Sheri is excited to be carrying it as well :-) WE are taking K tommorow. She's excited, but nervous!!
Oh, to answer your ?...Mayflower.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Did you work on the dobby yarn yet? Didn't you want me to come up with cabin socks too?

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