Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back. . . . kind of. . . maybe. . .

Sooooo, this past weekend was Stitches Midwest. It was sooo much fun! I was in heaven when it came to sock yarns. I actually was amazed and proud of myself at the same time that I put back so much Socks That Rock. Below is a picture of the wall of The Fold a few hours after I got there. I worked with Toni at the booth for 2 days. My yarn was on display also. I sold 39/69 skeins over 1 1/2 days. Not horrible for a new dyer. The leftovers are on my etsy shop. =)

Here's some of the yarn I purchased. I bought some Tess yarn, but was greatly disappointed when I had to cut it off of my new swift because the hank wasn't wound properly. There goes $16. Damnit. Everything below is Socks That Rock. Some is already wound and ready for my trip to Indianapolis this weekend. Gencon here I come!!!

I haven't gotten much knitting done, unfortunately. Below is a pair of socks I'm working on. These are the Cable & Rib socks from Favourite Socks. The yarn is STR Lightweight in Sherbert. Yes, that is my new Packers sock knitting bag from StuckinIllinois's etsy shop. She has awesome bags!!! Just search for her on etsy, you will not be disappointed.

Hoprfully in this picture you can see the cable better. It's simple and beautiful. I love how the yarn is pooling. =)

I also purchased my new MacBook Pro this weekend with the college student discount. I got the 30 GB video iPod instead of the nano, because I already have a nano. With the discount I saved $199 on it and only had to pay $50. I also got a new printer for only $80. It was awesome. A pain in the ass because we had to go back & forth twice between Woodfield & Oakbrook, but it was worth it. Sooo I have been playing a lot of Sims 2 on my new laptop. It's fun, the great thing about it is I can turn it off and it isn't multiplayer. Oy. . . remembering those horrible days.

Now I have 4 Mac computers and 1 Mac dog. =P Life is good.

Also, I am going to start working on the sock club with Anna, that will hopefully be available this October. It will be every other month and you will recieve yarn, a pattern, and some goodies as well. =)


LotusKnits said...

Wow!! Congrats on selling so much yarn! I'm so excited for you!

And you can bet your ass I'll join your sock club when you get one up!


Chelsea said...

iI probably need to join another sock club. I don't think one is enough :p

loveyourbag said...

A sock club? You know I'm in too! You mentioned Dobby yarn're so bad for me :)

Congrats on selling loads of yarn too. How dare you put the rest in your shop, I'm trying to behave!!! I might make it until you post new colors, or more Bellatrix.

Anna said...

I'm sad I missed going to Stitches this year. Congrats on your sales! Glad you like your Packers bag!!

Kris said...

I picked up the Half Blood Prince at Stitches on Saturday and boy I can't wait to get that on the needles.

Chelsea said...

How was Gen Con?

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