Monday, August 6, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks!!!!

I got my Sockapalooza Socks today and LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! My pal was Sarah over at BellaKnitting. The socks were knit in Sundara Sport weight in the colourwat "Green Tea." That name is so my sister. lmfao. I love love love love love GREEN!!! My car is green, my moped is green, my sheets & comofrter are green, my teapot is green, towels, rugs, etc. Basically most things are green. I love the fact that she id a short row heel. . . .this I will never manage to do lmfao! Aren't they pretty???? =) Thanks Sarah!!!

Short row heel view. . .

Here are the goodies she sent me:
Vanilla Tea bags, they smell good, which is a good sign =P
Lantern Moon US 2 needles, they are the 7" needles. . . I use 5" ones because I break all of my 7" because of my strong grip, I'll see what I can do knitting wise, but they're STILL Lantern Moon! and ebony too. . .yum!
A pattern for a Sports Scarf with four balls of Karabella Merino in Hawkeye colours. . .I think she knows I'm an Iowa fan. . . =P
Also she sent me some handspun Spunky Eclectic 2-ply in a sock weight! I can't manage this weight yet, damnit. It's pretty but there is a reason a certain colour *cough* red *cough* is lacking in my stash, hell my life period. I'm not a big fan. . . my mom is, which is why there is red in my stash. It's soooooo pretty though! I'll find something to knit it up into. Maybe socks for my mom. I think she'd like that. ;-)

Here is the handspun she sent me. It has some grey and peach & yellow. It's on the brink of being Ohio State colours, so my mom will definately like it. =)

Also, lastnight I finished the Kona, hate the yarn, "Diabolical Christmas" socks. I'm giving these to my sister because she's always complaining I haven't knit her a pair yet. . . and also her Badger Cardinal & White ones are also almost done. *phew*

I'm leaving to go back to Rockford today and this weekend I have Stitches, most of the yarn is done. Then next weekend I have Gencon. yay!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Man, that package got there fast! Glad you like the socks! :)

loveyourbag said...

You're lucky to have such great socks! I like the Diabolical Christmas sock too. BTW I just finished calling you and your yarn terrible names on my blog:)

cindy said...

The Christmas socks are wonderful. I love the wide bands of color!!!

Chelsea said...

You have a good pal!

Janice said...

What a great package!!! Lucky you! Have a great time at Stitches!!! Wish I was going! Can't wait to knit up my Professor Sprout! :-)

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