Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Tortured My Dog. . .

Great title eh? We didn't REALLY torture my dog. My sister & I were at Iowa Book and saw this adorable Iowa jersey for a dog. I bought one, the one I thought would fit & it did. And we rushed back to my apartment to see it on Mac. I think it fit, while my sister said it was a little tight. Sooo now I have to return it & get the larger size. He's not a huge dog. Blah! Pics below, I think it was adorable!

Below is a pic of my progress on my second pair of Wonk Cable Cabin Socks. I like it so far. The pooling is cool. =)

My shower has reached maximum capacity at the moment. Jen helped me dye up 2 more coloursways for my Loopy Ewe order. Behold Tonks & Half Blood Prince. Don't be fooled. each one of those skeins is actually 8 oz, so 2 actual skeins come out of it. Sweet eh?

SOCK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I lowered the price for the sock club because I was a dumbass when I posted them up.

Monthly is now $35
Complete payment is now $175

I hope this is more reasonable for people. Smack me if you like, I give you permission. ;-)


The winners of my football player contest will be announced Saturday right after the Iowa, NIU game at Soldier Field. For people who chose the same players that I think are hot, there will be a coin toss for the winner. Don't be afraid to choose the same player as someone else. Fair game for everyone because really none of you know my taste in men, unless you know me personally. . . .lmfao


Chelsea said...

Mac looks adorable. I like that yarn; too bad she doesn't carry it anymore. I need to try dyeing sometime.

AndreaLea said...

Your dog is so cute in his jersey. He looks happy too!
Are you going to the game on Saturday?

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

I know your taste in men: old and famous. lol. You like them old and saggy... lol!!!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Oh, I forgot...
You DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY little girl!!!!!
(before i frogged the several inches on the sock...) I knit with your yarn you gave me.
Dirty, I tell you.

Will I ever knit up my sock yarn stash anymore?? I don't even know anymore ;)

Dirty game your playin'.

And yes the jersy is too tight!

And no, you did not dye the yarn all the way through. Half of it is really washed looking.

And yes, I do have to start completely over with the sock since I frogged it.

And yes, the pattern will be different.

And no, it's not as complex, and there might not be cables anymore.

Are you sick of this yet? You had it coming, since you soiled the hell out of my fingers. Now they want expensive desserts on the menu.
D@%$ you and your little dog too!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Sip. knit. chat.
(on my blog.)
This evening. there, or be square! lol. ;)

Janice said...

Mac looks great in his Hawkeye jersey!! Perfect for the game Saturday!! I love seeing all that yummy yarn getting ready for it's trip to The Loopy Ewe! It will be a hit for sure!! Was down there yesterday and went to Crazy Girl.. it was closed but will go again next trip. Oh, and you are getting a CHIPOTLES!!! I am extremely jealous!!! Thanks for the sock pattern from your last post! I downloaded it and have it in my queue!! Maybe that's what I'll do with Professor Sprout!!!

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