Saturday, December 22, 2007

Boys, snow, sick boys, and more snow. . .

Sooooo my bf Steve is here until the 3rd and everything was great until he suddenly got sick yesterday. Just my luck eh? Have a sick boy with me when a blizzard goes through Iowa and everything is gorgeous, blah blah blah. =P Nah, we're still having fun doing stuff like catching up on movies he didn't get to see, etc.
I dragged him to see P.S. I Love You, a book I fell in love with long ago when it first came out. Gerry Butler is hot as usual, I'm not sure I like Hillary Swank in the role of Holly tho, oh well.
OH and SWEENY TODD ISN'T PLAYING IN IOWA CITY!!!!!!!! WTF??????????????? oh yeah, upset!!!! Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone an update.

The sock club has been sent out and should be to it's recipients soon. I am making up a new box for my Harry Potter swap partner, damn the mail. The socks aren't HP colours tho. I hope you still like them, knitting the fastest pair I know. =P I hpe to have that in the mail right after Christmas.
Umm and yeah, I'm ALIVE!!! amazing. . .

and the bf has requested fingerless gloves with the fingers cut off, get what I mean? Yeah, never done fingers before. . . .this should be interesting. . . heh started them tonight while watching "Knocked Up." Great film hehehehe. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Oh and contest announcement will be right after Christmas also.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahhh Gotta Love Iowa Weather & Free Yarn!

Soooo the weather has been crazy here in Iowa lately. First we had an ice storm, I lost power for 3 hours, then we had a snow storm, which was pretty and THEN today it rained and the university only canceled afternoon and evening classes. That pissed me off because it's harder to get somewhere in the morning when nothing is cleared. Whatever grrrr. . .

I'm not too sad because some of my STR came in the mail the other day. Yay! I bought 5 skeins for me and one for a dear friend who's birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Anna!!! Three of the skeins are from the Raven Clan while the others are Grinchy and 1 I'm too lazy to look at the name of. . .

I am also going to be putting up some more yarn on my etsy shop. Below are two pics of "Diabolical Christmas" and "Judah Mac'abe." These are the Woodland Sock yarn which is a superwash bamboo/merino/nylon blend. These will be going up soon.

Below is yet another pair of socks I'm working on. These are for my sister's bf, Mike. The colourway is my own "Half Blod Prince" on size US2's with 64 stitches. I like how it is coming out so far.

Talking about boys. . . .my boy is coming to visit me for 2 weeks on the 18th. I am sooooooo excited!!!! I have to knit him a hat before he gets here, oy. Luckily I picked up a skein of Encore bulky in light blue, soooo it'll be a fast knit. =)


Yeah, so I bought more yarn obviously and I'm not knitting it fast enough. So, we have free yarn to give away! Each set has enough yarn for 4 pairs of socks! Here is the question (the best 2 win the yarn) Tell me the most romantic day you have ever had with a significant other. Goodluck! <3 Please place this on your blogs also, place the name of where you saw this contest in your comment also. Thanks!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Need a vacation from my vacation. . .

Yep, vacations are stressful! Okay, my family usually has an initial fight the first day we all get together. That day was Wednesday of last week. After that, we mostly calmed down and got along. The most stressful aspect of the entire week was the fact that I have a 22 page paper due at the end of the semester and I had to work on it. Okay, maybe there are actually 2 stresses over Thanksgiving Break, my grandparents got on everyone's nerves. I love them to death, but they are getting bitchier with age. No idea why.
Sooo I took some pics of Thanksgiving day and thought the ones below came out the best. I like them =P

I finished my grandpa's scarf finally and gave it to him. I believe he really liked it. My grandma loved her scarf with the pin. I'm glad those were a hit. My mom also LOVED her Buckeye socks, even though the scarlett was a little dark. . . . oops? She's probably wearing them right now. The Mountain Colour Socks she stole from me have definately been worn A LOT! I think she felted them by wearing em. Weird eh?

I also finished Alicia's socks. Here is a pic of her wearing them right after I finished sewing up the last toe. She doesn't like getting her picture taken. =/ She's adorable and we all adore her, so I think this pics cute. She loves the socks and wore them right when she and Mike got back to Austin because it was in the 40s. =P

Yep, a week of finished objects. I finished my Socks That Rock socks. The colourway is Farmhouse in Mediumweight and the pattern is one I randomly came up with. Here's a brief idea of what I did
needles - US 4
Cast On 48 stitches
stitch pattern -

Rows 1 through 4: K4 P2, repeat until end of row
Row 5: K 2 through the back and then rework the first stitch before taking it off of the needle. Repeat once more then P2. Repeat this until the end of the row
Repeat Rows 1 through 5

It's pretty and basic and it breaks up a boring rib. Oh and Ohio State beat Michigan again and Lloyd Carr is retiring. =/

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 more days until vacation!!!!

Yep, I said it, 3 more days until an entire week off from class!! Damn I love Iowa! When my sister Jen was at Wiscnsin they only got Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off. Hawkeyes get an entire week and a half off including the weekend! Yay!!!!!!
Okay, onto the knitting update:
I have a shitload of Socks That Rock that I need t knit up. I grabbed my mediumweight Farmhouse and started knitting. These were going to be for my dad, but as I kept knitting I said to myself, "Hell no, I'm keeping them." Sorry dad, I'll knit up something really quickly for you. You may notice that it isn't just a 4x2 rib, the knit stitches actually are mockcaled twice in a row to break up the monotony of ribbing. I think it looks cute and does what I need it to do. It is also easy enough to knit while in class. Yes, I knit in class and none of my professors have said anything because I take notes and participate.

Below are Alicia's stockinette socks. I knit these either in class r when I'm really bored. They're almost done, so that will be one more thing to strike from my list. =)

I'm knitting my sister one of the chunky hats also because she watched me knit mine and mentioned, key word there mentioned, how she needs a warm hat for winter and wishes, another key word, I would knit her one. I love guilt trips. . . . .

Class, classwork, midterms, papers, brain seeping out of ears with info I wish I could hold onto. Yep, that's college! I actually love college and am going to miss it when I enter the "real world." =(

Mac is loving the cooler weather and constantly wants to go out on the balcony and try to cat one of the birds on the birdfeeder. Blah, typical dog, except he sucks at hunting. hahahahaha

Note to Susan, I'm hoping to have your package sent out by Saturday. Thx soooo much for your patience with me. =)
Ashley awaiting your sock club package, yours will be sent out latest by Thursday with the extra skein of yarn, again thank you for your patience. =)

I play World of Wacraft and thought this was cute! Click on the pic to see the entire thing.

OH we beat Minnesota!!!!! GO HAWKS!!!! Wisconsin beat Michigan!!!! yay!!! OSU lost to Illinois, bastard Illini, but they still have a shot at the hampionship, which is good and if they don't go there they'll go to the Rose Bowl. And the Packers destroyed the Vikings!!!!! Life is good! Sorry Janice. . . . =P
John got a job at a law firm in Madison so we happy now.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

And we have finished projects! Yay!

Yep, I said it, finished projects. Two of these were on a whim and were knit in the past 24 hours. . .I need a hat, it's COLD! Anyways on with the pictures. Btw, I'm really tired, so I apoligise ahead of time for everything I say in this post.
Below is a picture of my mom's Hannukah gift, Ohio State socks. Yes! I finally finished a pair! They're knit with worsted weight, so they should be nice in the winter. The pattern is a mock cable pattern that I forget the name of right now.

Okay, yeah this is the Yarn Harlot's "Unoriginal hat." I knit it on 6.5 mm soooo I am not sure if it will fit my sister. If it doesn't I'll knit one on size 11s. I don't own 7.0mm or 7.5mm. Oh well, we'll see.

I said I needed a hat, well this would be the one below. I knit it with some handspun I did when I first got my spinning wheel. I'm shocked at how much I have left! Seriously, I'm amazed! I like it, thick, bog, bulky, love the colours, and it covers my ears. =P I can wea it with a ponytail also. Yay!!!! Sweet eh?

And another that includes a very tired me, oy. . .

Anyone watch tonights Greys Anatomy? Sad eh?
Oh, we play Minnesota Saturday and Wisconsin plays Michigan. GO HAWKS!! GO BADGERS!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

OMFG It's November!!

Yep, I'm back. Took long enough eh? It's been a LONG and STRESSFIL October!! Every college student right now is wishing it was Thanksgiving break. Today was no exception to stress. I had a mental meltdown in my lighting class and didn't present my lighting project. I have finally calmed down, was crying my as off because of all of the stress and medical problems, and am about to go to my sister's and watch Heroes. Yep, and knit of course. I'm on KNIT HOLIDAY GIFTS overload. My family gives gifts over Thanksgiving Break because we're not together over Hannukah.
Below are socks for my brother's girlfriend, Alicia. We really like her and hope more happens. Hahahaha. They live together down in Austin. She LOVES pink! Sooo I pulled out my Chewy Spaghetti yarn and started knitting. She also wanted socks btw.

Below is my grandpa's Irish Hiking Scarf that is practicaly finished. It has a few more inches to go. . . I have yet to finish it. I have until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to finish. Thank goodness.

I'm also working on my Harry Potter Sock Swap Socks. I have 1 done! The other is in process. I missed the October 31st deadline. Damn migraines and stress and life. aaaahhhh!!!! Below are 2 pics of the ones my pal sent me. Aren't they soooo Hawkeyeish? They're warm too!!!! I wore them to both of my classes today. =) I LOVE them!!!

Btw, the Hawkeyes have won 2 Big Ten games in a row!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!! John now works at Wandos in Madison. . . .we happy? no. . . .

Monday, October 1, 2007


I've been sick for the past week and a half and haven't gotten anything done. I have some orders that need to be sent out and I apoligise for not getting them out. The fact that I am even able to type is amazing. The sock club shipment will most likely be sent out a week later than stated because I'm behind from being sick. I don't want to send you contaminated yarn, that would suck. *I wash the yarn so when I'm well don't worry*
I have:

sinus infection
swollen mouth
cold sore (painful bitch)
more stress
swollen throat

don't really want to continue

one positive, the Packers are undefeated and Brett Favre is still hot for a 37 year old man. =P

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How time flies. . ..

when you're half asleep most of the day and realise you just went through 5 hours of classes. . . .weird eh?
So I'm 22, thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Below is a pic of my cake. Yay! Yes, it's Hawkeye themed, wow, shocker. . .
Anna also got me some yarn, Cascade Pastaza, which is 50% llama & 50% wool. It's soo soft! I bought some more so I can make a hat, mittens, & a scarf if I finish my grandpa's.

Below is a pic of the scarf. I'm just about to finish the second skein, only needs about 1/2 of another and it should be done. It's kind of slightly growing on me. . . I still hate knitting scarves!

What else have I been up to? Below should be an answer, but I've also been working out, walking Mac, doing homework, trying to sleep, etc. The usuals when you're in college, except ordering in pizza for breakfast, lunch & dinner constantly. =P Yay for Smart Ones.

SOCK CLUB!!!!!!!

The sign-ups for he sock club will only be up until the 25th. They will be taken down by the evening of the 24th! Thanks!

Oh and Yay to the Packers for winning & Brett Favre is still HOT!!!!!!! hehehehe I'm heading up to Madison, Wisc this Friday with my sis for the Hawkeye vs Badger game. It should be awesome!!! Go HAWKS!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Holy Shit I'm 22. . . .

Yep, today is my 22nd birthday. Scary eh? 10 years ago I was 12. . . .damn that is frightening! In 8 years I'll be 30, holy shit!!!! That is a really scary! Anyways, I'm having some friends over tonight and chilling, drinking, eating pizza, cake, etc. Fun fun. Yesterday the Hawkeyes destroyed Syracuse, yay! My sister & I went to the game and had a great time. Michigan embarressed the conference once more yesterday and now Chad Henne is injured, wonderful. Enough of football. . . .
I have been working slowly, but surely on my grandpa's scarf. I took yesterday off from doing anything constructive. Below are 2 pics of the scarf. I'm about to start the second skein.

Detail shot:

Here is a pic of my grandma's scarf (yes, it's folded, it was blocked & then curled again damnit!) But it's still pretty. It is 52 1/2 inches long. I may never finish her footsies, but at least this is done.

Detail shot:

Below is a pic of my brother, Mike & I. Just thought I'd add it. I never see him much anymore because he lives in Austin, Texas. This is from last weekend. I miss him. =/

I'm done for the day. Kind of in a daze for some reason. . .

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hate/Hate Relationship. . .

I HATE KNITTING SCARVES!!!!! It's just boring!!! I finally finished my grandma's Cedar Scarf, which is blocking right now. Unfortunately the light in my bedroom is dark, so the pics didn't come out.
I am looking for rather simple holiday gifts for my family. . . .My sister bought me 6 skeins of wool yarn while she was in Turkey. It's not a colour I personally would wear. Sooooo, thinking about holiday gifts, my mind set on my grandpa. I thought, hey, he's a former colonol, why not? Sadly, this is exactly what I thought. Soo today I started an Irish Hiking Scarf for him. It's not too boring, but still. Ye know? Anyways, the pic of it soo far is below. Very neutral. heh. . .

This past weekend I also met my brother's girlfriend, Alisha. She's sweet and nice and everything I'm not. =P j/k I asked her what she wanted & she said footsies, so begins another pair of socks. My second pair of Wnky Cable Cabin Socks have gone on the back burner. I'm using my August Spunky Club olourway Celebration. She loves pink, and it has pink in it, but can also go with a bunch of other things.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Winners of the Hawkeye Football Contest. . . .

Knittysue chose Drew Tate. I had a class with him last year and he got me through lecture, don't ask. He is also our former quarterback. Hot tempered Texan. lmfao. . .

Next winner is Knitting-Up-A-Storm. Anna chose Adam Shada. Cute, sweet, adorable guy from Nebraska. (I tossed a coin for that one)

3rd winner is: Sarah who chose Devan Moylan. Sorry ladies, he buzzed the cute hair off. =P, coin toss again 3 way.

The last winner is Thea_Midnight who chose Charles Gofrey. He kicked ass at the game and flashed his hair while workin it.

Btw, WE WON!!!!!! Ladies please ,message me your info and I'll send out your prizes tomorrow. Thanks!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm not a drunk. . . .

I'm a college student who gets drunk. . . soooo Thursday nights are the big "drinking" nights at most universities. Being the first week of classes I had to go out. Anna, her boy Joe and I went to a bar called Brothers. She'd been trying to get me to go for a while. . . .me = stupid sometimes. They have a mug club every Thursday where you buy a mug for $5 and every refill is $1. That was sweet, except the fact that their mixed drinks suck. No offense Anna.
Anna, who may I remind you guys is the pattern designer for the sock club. lmfao

Anna & her boy Joe. . . .we won't ask about the tongue, really. By this time she had had a few drinks.

Joe's friend Jim. . . .I have no idea wtf he's doing with my camera. I barely remember this. Think I was trying to get a pic of him.

Jim & I, he's cute and I have his number. HA HA. Yeah, that will NEVER happen, but he's sweet. Btw Anna, I'm not rough around the edges, I just get defensive about my beer! =P

My sister came to my rescue and drove me home. I love having her in town. I walked to Anna's dorm and mind you I was wearing 4 1/2 inch Steven Madden heels!!! Never again. I'll wear flip flops next time. Screw heels in a bar. I have sores on my feet now. OW!
There are a lot more pics, but that's for a later time. Also there will be knitting content, sometime again in the near future. Cheers!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Tortured My Dog. . .

Great title eh? We didn't REALLY torture my dog. My sister & I were at Iowa Book and saw this adorable Iowa jersey for a dog. I bought one, the one I thought would fit & it did. And we rushed back to my apartment to see it on Mac. I think it fit, while my sister said it was a little tight. Sooo now I have to return it & get the larger size. He's not a huge dog. Blah! Pics below, I think it was adorable!

Below is a pic of my progress on my second pair of Wonk Cable Cabin Socks. I like it so far. The pooling is cool. =)

My shower has reached maximum capacity at the moment. Jen helped me dye up 2 more coloursways for my Loopy Ewe order. Behold Tonks & Half Blood Prince. Don't be fooled. each one of those skeins is actually 8 oz, so 2 actual skeins come out of it. Sweet eh?

SOCK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I lowered the price for the sock club because I was a dumbass when I posted them up.

Monthly is now $35
Complete payment is now $175

I hope this is more reasonable for people. Smack me if you like, I give you permission. ;-)


The winners of my football player contest will be announced Saturday right after the Iowa, NIU game at Soldier Field. For people who chose the same players that I think are hot, there will be a coin toss for the winner. Don't be afraid to choose the same player as someone else. Fair game for everyone because really none of you know my taste in men, unless you know me personally. . . .lmfao

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wonky Cable Cabin Sock Pattern

Yep, I'm knitting another pair. I love my others sooo much, I decided to give you ladies the pattern. You can download it HERE.
The yarn I'm using for my second pair is sport weight from Spunkyhats in the colourway "Penguin March." Amy doesn't sell this colourway anymore, but her other colours rock also. =) This yarn has been sitting in my stash since November. I originally purchased it because it has Hawkeye colours in it. =P It's about time I took it out and did something with it. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Yarn Contest!!! & parents are coming. . . . .

*Warning* Big POST!

Okay, first off. I FINALLY got my sisters stupid demonic Badger socks off the needles!!! It took 9 months, but they are finally DONE!!! They're actually closer than I thought they would be. Not horrible. Now she can wear them to the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game up in Madison on September 22nd. I can't wait!!!!

I mention free yarn in my header. Well, there are 4 batches of yarn I'm giving away. I'm even paying for shipping. I'm doing "Fall Cleaning" and need to get rid of it. It would break my heart if I had to throw it away. =(
Below are the 4 batches. They all have enough for at least SIX pairs of socks each. Some have more yarn than that. There is some Lorna's Laces, Trekking, Jojoland Melody, Jojoland Kaleidescope, Twinkletoes, etc. In order to get it you must find a picture of a Hawkeye Football player that you think is attractive and explain why you chose him in the comment section. If you all choose the same player, I will know you've gone through my blog and will not be happy. =P Some advice, go for players from between 2003 and 2006. =P or go here to look: Hawkeye Sports. I will pick the people who picked the most attractive player in my opinion. I mean come on, it's free yarn! ALSO, PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG! *forgot, sorry*

Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

The yarn for my Loopy Ewe order, sock club and update arrived today. It actually surprised me. Yes, that is a shitload of yarn. weee!!! Let the fun begin. . .!!!!

Talking about college. Parents mean a few things to college students:

1. Money
2. Real Food
3. Grief and Annoyance
4. Money & Real Food
5. Reminders of why you are at college
6. (in my situation and the worst of them all) Clean Dorm Room/Apartment and much criticism and bitching if opinions differ in cleanliness

I am not known as being the cleanest person on the planet, shut up Anna. And my parents are coming on Saturday which means they will, mainly my mom, expect it to be clean. They are BOTH clean freaks. So is my sister for that matter. So, this means I have had to clean my entire apartment. Below are som pictures of the progress. No, there are not before pictures because I didn't think about it. Oh well. I'm doing better in my apartment than I was in my dorm.
Below is my living room, yep tons of yarn on the coffee table. Most of it waiting to be wound into hanks.

Next we have my kitchen with a huge pile of dishes in the sink (those will be taken care of shortly).

My computer room (where I am right now typing this to you) and where my sock stash resides. (sorry no pic yet) It also happens to usually be the brightest room in the entire apartment, no idea why. It was a disaster earlier, so the fact that you can see the floor is a miracle. =P

I also cleaned my bedroom, stripped the bed, put most of the laundry away, etc. Mac decided my blankets (waiting for the sheets to be cleaned) was a great place for him to snuggle in. In other words, not like my bed wasn't already covered in dog hair, considering the munchkin sleeps on my bed, he decided the blankets were now conquered in the name of "MacKintosh Apple Computer." Oh well.

I also feel really bad for Janice because she moved her daughter into her dorm today and it stormed all morning here in IC. =/ Hope nothing got ruined in the mud hole in front of the dorm. Oh and yay for a new Hawkeye who's mother is a kick ass knitter!!!

Also, I'm sad because I just found out that I can't go to one of my best friend's wedding. She's getting married November 11th in downtown Chicago. The 11th is a Sunday and I have class the next morning. IC is about 4 to 5 hours from downtown Chicago. The wedding is from 6pm to midnight. Not exactly reasonable for me. =( I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids. =( =( =( =( =( =(

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