Saturday, May 17, 2008

Narnia and Socks

I finished my pair of socks while watching Narnia yesterday. I even stitched the toes. LoL. I am good, yes there are some mistakes I'll deal with later. Luckily both heels were turned and decreased. Below are the finished socks.

Pattern: 48 sts knit in the round
Needles: US 4
Yarn: Lovesticks Falkland Sport
Colourway: Kitty Claus

Because my air-conditioner isn't working, I'm working on small projects. Hopefully someone will come on Monday to check out what's wrong with it and soon we'll be basking in coolness. Below are another pair of socks I've started. It is STR Mediumweight in Romancing the Stone.

Okay, Narnia review, it's short:

The graphics were brilliant, but there were moments that could have been cut out. There were also jokes about certain characters that could have been left out because it just got old. IT IS 2 1/2 HOURS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAYYY to long. Boy and I were about to fall asleep during the slower parts. I'm happy I had my socks with me. Ben Barnes who played Caspian is hot an was hot all the way through. Some characters were annoying, but oh well. No I'm not telling you anything from the plot, just be warned about the length and bad jokes. <3

BTW: Anna (Stuck in Illinois) I need you to message me your address on Ravelry. <3

Oh and the bleeding is back, I seriously love life, so much justice and sincerity. . .
Oh and happy 43rd birthday to Trent of NIN =P

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay allergies!

I wanted to thank all of you for your responses to my last post. On Sunday I will be going back to the pill, either Ortho-Tri-Cyclen or Yasmin. The problem with one is that I get migraines and Ortho definately brings them up. I don't know yet, but definately going back on the pill. Btw, the bleeding stopped. LoL Yeah, started with stress and after 3 to 4 weeks of stress, it ended right after my last day of finals. It's strange. =/
Boy is suffering from Hay Fever and my allergies are kicking in slightly. I am giving him some meds, hopefully they'll work. Boy is just miserable, but yesterday I made him clean. Yeah, I'm evil. . .But he's from the east coast and here in the midwest we tend to have more random fields full of wild vegetation than New Jersey.
Anyways, onto the knitting:
I have been knitting a little bit. I started an easy pair of socks in Lovestick's Falkland Sportweight in Kitty Claus. The yarn is very nice and soft. These will also be great this coming winter. Yes, I know it's summer, but yeah. They're socks and no one can ever have too many pairs of handknit socks right?

Here's another image of the stripes. Pretty eh?

At 1pm, Boy and I are going to see Prince Caspian. I'll give all of you a review afterwards. All I know is the guy who plays Caspian is hot!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Horror Story?

Boy, dad and I went to Chicago on Saturday because Boy had never been there before. It was a pretty good weekend, but when we got back to Iowa, I literally have felt like shit since. You guys know I haven't been feeling well. I'm going to tell you why below, if you don't want to read it please stop here.

Okies, sooo I take birth control for more than uh birth control. I take it for cramps and all that fun stuff. Soo, I thought depo provera would be great for me because there are no pills. Yeah. I was warned a head of time about side effects, etc, so I can't yell at Planned Parenthood. I got my shot on March 4th. This is a 3 month shot and the crappy thing about it is that you can't reverse the effects once it's in your body. My dad, the doctor, fund out AFTER I got the shot and told me I was nuts because these kinds of shot have tons of side effects. He was right. . . damn parents. =P I have IBS and the shot for some reason made it worse for the first month and a half and then everything was fine. In the past three weeks I have started to receive other side effects like breakthrough bleeding and I have been fatigued to hell. I am actually very proud of myself because I was been making it to class, doing my homework, and living my life despite feeling like complete shit. I have less than 2 weeks till my second shot is supposed to be due, I'm going back on the pill. My side effects have worsened, most likely the start of withdrawals. Yeah, I feel like crap and yesterday I had the migraine from hell that made me vomit and want to shoot myself, but I still went and did my senior seminar performance and survived. Why am I telling you this stuff? Umm, I dunno, I won't say the shot is for everyone, I just want to say be careful of what you do get because every person reacts differently to a medication. I haven;t really had the energy or desire to knit in the past couple of weeks, hopefully after finals week and my system goes back to normal, I will. The depo shot is in there for 3 months and it slowly releases the man made progesterone into your system. Yeah, great not to take pills, but the great thing about pills is that if you have a reaction, you can stop them that day. There is nothing to stop this but time. It sucks, but you never know until you try. Hopefully everything will go back to normal within the net few months and I'll feel fine. We'll see. But, I will tell you it's kind of nice receiving free back massages from Boy when I feel like crap. . . hahaha. . .

And yes, I will dye yarn if you want me to Janice. =P <3

Here's a pic from lastnight after the performance. I'm in the black in the middle.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I don't really know. . .

I've been feeling blah lately and yet the weather is beautiful. But, the funny thing is, I've been getting out of bed and been living. In the past 3 days I've baked 3 loaves of bread using the no knead bread recipe. It's an awesome and easy recipe! Anyways, onto yarn goodness. I have also been cleaning my apartment, it's almost done.  Even though I feel like crap things are getting done. Boy comes on Tuesday, so I still need to clean my car, vacuum, and finish the computer room. Oh and change the sheets, Mac isn't going to be sleeping on my bed anymore for the rest of the summer, poor boy. =/
Below is some Sundara sock yarn in Peach Nectar and Graphite. Yummy!

I also received another skein of Mountain Colours in Elderberry. Love this yarn!
I've been spinning a lot lately also. I don't know what it is, my nerves or my body just feeling like crap. But oh well, more movies, spinning, tea, and sleep for me.

I gave myself the challenge of trying Tiennie's scarf pattern that she just posted. The yarn is Yarn Treehouse Luster Alpaca in orange. It's very soft and you get 330 yards in each skein. I have 4 skeins. . . I seriously need to get rid of it.  Talking about getting rid of yarn, your sock yarn shall be in the mail tomorrow ladies. Sorry for the delay.
Mother's Day is coming up and in my baking mode I thought I would buy my mom this book.  I don't have it myself, but it's supposedly just like the no knead bread but with tons of recipes.  There's even a recipe for Challah, and being Jewish, most store bought challahs are dry and ew.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ahh storms. . .and finished objects

Well, some good news, my stress level is lowering. Two financial plans were turned in yesterday, one mine, one theirs. Oh well, two is better than none.
I have a couple of finished objects. I finished my Wonky Cable Cabin socks that I started in August. Yep, in August. I finished one of the socks then and I had started the second sock back then. Now I have finished the second one, yay!

I also finished my Mountain Colour socks today, I mean yesterday? I had to finish them before I took my nap today. I'm happy that two more things are done. Now I need to dig for more yarn to knit from my stash. I frogged the other Mountain Colour socks, I don't know, but just couldn't knit them.

Another view.

My fiber from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club came. Soon I'll receive 8o instead of just 4o. It will be so much nicer! Yay, 2 ply yarns!

I love how it starts raining as I post this, like really storming. I've also been spinning some tonight. I never seem to spin during the day, which is strange.
I need to straighten up the apartment this weekend, boy comes Tuesday. I miss him a lot. =(

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