Monday, April 28, 2008

On the edge of reason. . .

My stress level has risen to unbelievable heights within the last 36 hours. I'm supposed to be doing a group project with two guys. Well, let's see, in the past 2 weeks we've met up three times. One of them, Dan, has a 2 year old and works and has a full schedule. I can understand having a full schedule, but trust me, this is too fucking much. Today our first part of the assignment is due. We're writing a business plan and the Market Analysis was due today. I mainly did the survey, I mainly wrote the paper and proof read it and researched all of the info for the demographical area. I did it. They wrote two little paragraphs and Mike did a little bit on the survey (I wrote the questions). Well, our FINANCIAL PLAN is due Wednesday. Yeah, the only info we had as of last night were costs that I researched and wrote down. I mainly came up with the list also. Well, let's see, the only time Dan can meet up is 11 PM TUESDAY NIGHT! Now, he may have written his 12 page paper the night before it was due and stayed up till 7:30 am, I don't care cause that didn't effect MY grade. I refuse to write something past 10pm because my mind begins to go big time. It is extremely unfair that we can only meet up at that time. I sent an e-mail to my professor about it last night and have yet to receive a response. I am writing a financial plan and will tell David, my professor that I wrote it and they didn't contribute. Let them write their own. I am tired of trying to work with someone else's schedule when they have rehearsals, class, work, and can;t find a babysitter. He can miss a goddamn rehearsal. They both graduate in less than 2 weeks, so they really don't care and I'm tired of it. Thank-you for allowing me to bitch and moan, I am seriously on the edge of reason and just want to sleep till the end of the semester!
I have been working on my dad's sweater, slowly but surely. Homework and stress has caused it to be a night project. I think the yarn is perfect for it also.

My Mountain Colour socks are also moving along nicely. The second sock just needs to have the heel decreases finished and then I get to start on the foot. I adore this yarn, so soft and squishy!

I was looking through my sock stash and thought I would give in and start a Project Spectrum project. This is Mountain Colours Twizzle in Tamarak. Very pretty and thick. It is being knit on US4 needles.

Then we have what came in the mail today. This is from Amy's sock club (I get the fiber club also). It's called The Perfect Storm and is a sw merino and bamboo rayon blend? WTF is bamboo rayon? I don't know if I'm going to keep it or not, we'll see.

Next Tuesday boy is coming for the summer. I need to find the sanity and energy to straighten up the apartment. oy. The sock club has been sent out and all of the beautiful yarn below has been claimed. Thanks girls, hopefully that yarn will be sent out by Friday. Sanity remember? Sorry! Oh, and it snowed today! SNOWED!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome to My Garden

Below is a picture of my garden. Okay, so it's in pots, so what? I have lavendar, tomatos (six plants?), a strawberry plant and some herbs. Yep, this is the closest I'm going to get to a real garden for a long time. But at least it works. I love fresh tomatos and am looking forward to herbs again this year. Strawberries and lavendar are my newest plants. I also cleaned up the balcony and rid of most of the leaves left over from months and months of wind and snow and rain. I purchased my plants from both our co-op and Lowes. The co-op plants are not pictured, sorry.

Boy has been sweet again. He bought me another skein of HazelKnits sock yarn. This is Lime Granita. Sooo beautiful! I also have some great news! Boy got into a unviersity close to here and will recieve a $4k scholarship every semester if he attends. SWEET!!!!! Congrats Boy! <3 <3 <3

I also recieved some Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Carbon. This I bought from Ravelry for $21 including shipping! Okay, yeah couldn't resist! Plus, it's pretty!

I am also starting the largest project for me yet. I've been promising my dad something for a long time and just never got around to it. I did give him the orange beanie though. Soo, I was looking around and found the Cobblestone Sweater by the one and only Jared of Brooklyntweed. I had a skein of brown ecological wool from cascade and calculated how much is needed. I had to buy 2 more skeins! Yeah, a shitload of wool for this sweater. Anyways, I have cast on and I really need to knit this. I owe my dad a lot and he would wear anything I knit him, maybe even pink socks *thought*. Anyways, help me stay motivated on this thing! =p

Meet my new "Scare the birds away from Izzy's bordfeeders because they're already chubby and it's fun" employee. Yes, Mac has a great time sneaking up on the birds at my birdfeeders and scaring them away. It's kind of cute actually. LoL!

Also, MORE DESTASH! Yes, this is sock yarn below. There is some Sockotta, tons of Gypsy Girl Knits, some Schaefer Anne, and crystal palace, etc. If you would like some of this yarn, you MUST pay shipping!!! I will calculate the weight and send you an estimate of costs. Thanks! Remember to e-mail with your address.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rain Rain Tornado. . . .

My research paper is done and was turned in yesterday. More rain. I actually love rain and the cooler weather it brings, so I'm content. So it Mac. We did have another tornado warning today though, which kind of puts a damper on things. Yeah, bad pun there. Yesterday I finished my Sex Kitten socks. Granted, one of the heels is screwed up because at 3am I forgot how to turn a heel. It amazingly fits and these are house socks, so who cares. More yarn out of my sock stash!

I have also been working on my Mountain Colours socks. They're coming along, the second one is getting closer to the ofirst as I keep working on it. I completely forgot how soft and beautiful this yarn is. Yum!

I also started another pair of socks in my handpainted Opal that I recieved from Cindy for a tea swap that we did. Mybe these will be Monkeys, my only fear is that I have wide feet. I have heard that they tend to be tighter than other socks. We shall see.

I have been searching for some missing yarn. I wish I could blame the dog, but he ignores every piece of the stuff. I did look through a bag of some dyed Harry potter yarns today and found all but 2 halves of the yarn I'm missing. While searching, I found this awesome green colour with them. I can't remember when I dyed this, but damn do I love it! It's 5oz of yarny goodness too!

Here are the two missing their mates. I cut my skeins in half so I am able to knit 2 socks simultaniously. The pastel one is from Spunky Eclectic and the green is Wollmeise. This is the yarn that was a gift from Claudia, so I am damn determined to find the other half! Plus it's pretty!

OMG!! I have chives! I never knew that they came up every year. I'm soo happy that they did though, fresh chives are wonderful for cooking. I also planted my other herb seeds and some wildflower/butterfly garden flower seeds. Hopefully these will start sprouting along with my strawberry and tomato seeds.

I will leave you with Mac wishing he could go outside and play.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happiest Mood on Earth. . .

I worked at the happiest place on earth and now am in the happiest mood on the planet! Yep, every woman knows how happy we are certain times of the month. Let's see, I;ve yelled and ripped into my boyfriend, been bitchy with my parents and yelled at my dog for eating my Chinese fried rice while I was in class today. Okay, the dog definately deserved it, but the other 3, dunno. My parents have been helping me with my beautiful 12 page paper due tomorrow. I did get the rough drafts done and since Sunday we've been revising everything. They, as usual, have been a huge help. Boy just annoyed me today, don't ask why, he just did.
Okay, onto knitting!
I recieved a request for PACKER Yarn! I know there are a few of you who read theis blog and are fans of a horrible team like the Vikings *cough( Janice *cough* but oh well. I just hope you can admit it's pretty! I can tell you that the yarn is super soft. I hope the woman who ordered the 5, yes 5, skeins likes it also.

I went and saw Tartuffe Friday for a class and took along two skeins of worsted weight and some circular needles. I started another hat. I'm liking it so far. Over the years I've learned not to take dpns to dark theatres. I forget how many times I've dropped them or my yarn cake has slipped out of my purse and rolled down underneath the seats in front of me. I love knitting in the dark. . .

I will leave you guys with a cute adorable, happy photo. This was Mac at about 3 months old? It's only a little while after I got him. Who knew this cute innocent looking thing would turn into something that eats my Chinese food and gets into brownie mix!!! Oy. . .

My Sex Kitten socks are almost done and I have been also workig on my Mountain Colour socks. I also started a third pair to take the place of the Sex Kitten socks when they're done. Yay, destash time!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahh boys. . .

I recieved my shipment of yarn last Saturday and began to experiment. I love to yarn bases! Below is a picture of the first worsted weight skein I dyed. It is pretty soft and has a great sheen to it. I don't know what to knit with it yet. It also has about 260 yards, but that will change with cones.

Boy bought me yarn!! I have been wanting to try Hazel Knits yarn for a while. Yes, I am getting rid of yarn, but so far I've been pretty good at not buying tons anymore. I am working through it, slowly, but surely. The colourway is Shady Verdant. It is soooo soft!!! I LOVE it!

The Sex Kitten socks are coming along. I'm on the picot heels and soon will be turning them. Turning the heel for me basically says "Yeah, these will be finished soon." It makes me have to finish the socks.

I started another pair of socks today. These are 3x2 ribbing on size 2 needles with 60 sts. This Mountain Colours yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite some time. I thought it was time I knit with it. The colourway is Mountain Twilight. After these socks, 2 more pairs to go.

Below are two pictures of my new 15/85 silk/merino sock yarn. I'm calling it the Selke Sock Yarn. Below is Kiwi Melon and Sex Kitten. The yarn is 325 yards. Soo soft and beautiful! These skeins are both in the shop as well as other colourways in my other yarn bases. I really updated the shop. Please go have a look. =)

It's also raining again, yay.
Okay for those of you who want free yarn (unless you have already done this) please e-mail your address to Mostly I would only charge shipping of the yarn. I have a little bit of sock yarn left and most of it is worsted weight and bulky. Thanks!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Yarn NEEDS to GO!

I have 3 envelopes waiting to be sent with some of the yarn from the pictures. Below are two more pictures of all of the yarn that needs to be gone from my apartment!!! Please ask for some if you want it. If not, it's going into the garbage, I know, horrible.

Some sock yarn is still left.

Below is the majority of my stash. I had 2 of those bins full in my closet, now with the drawer storage I have cut that down to 1 large bin.

Below is the majority of my sock yarn in the purple drawer storage. Amazingly, yes I am cutting down. *sounds of shock in the background*

My parents came today and now after over a year and a half I have new blinds and CURTAINS!!!!! And they're GREEN!!!! Yay!!!!

I have also decided to show you some new colourways that hopefully will be making their way into the shop along with the new silk/merino blend sock yarn and my new worsted weight also. =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sun and Cold

The sun is out, but it's still a wee bit brisk out today.
I usually have a pair of dummy socks going for when I sit in class and stuff. Lately the socks have been replaced by hats, but I decided a new pair of socks was needed. Below is my new pair. The colourway is my Sex Kitten in my new sock base for the Celtic Sock Yarn. I am also going to be adding a silk/merino base and a worsted weight merino to the collection. I hope you guya enjoy them.

I bought this pattern today because I always wanted to try it. I'm using Bernats Cottontots for the bears. Its a really beautiful and soft yarn. I definately suggest peple knitting for babies use it. =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I love rainy days. These days just make you want to relax and chill. It's glorious.

The nice thing about rainy days is I get to wear my hand knit socks. I'm starting another pair in Socks That Rock.

About the yarn, it's being randomized and the people who actually posted their e-mails will recieve one tonight asking for addresses. Sorry, but you don't get to choose which yarn you get.

Friday, April 4, 2008

More Stuff. . .

Soo for some reason I've actually felt like cleaning lately. Yesterday the room I was really working on was my kitchen. There's a reason there's no before picture of anything because the only clean room was the hallway. I also starting finishing the laundry, most of the dishes are done and I really need to vacuum. Oh well, LOOK A CLEAN KITCHEN! Yay! Oh! I can also sit on both my futons now. . . . frightening isn't it?

I've been wanting to purchse this book for while, not because I'm pregnant (hell no) but because everything in it is so beautiful and soft looking. So I finally went and bought it. I bet I'll use it when I actually do have kids, but thats not for several years. =P

I'm starting with the baby blanket in a natural blue sky cotton that they had. The dyed cotton is sooooo bright and actualy hurts my eyes. I love bright, but for a baby I think mute is more beautiful so it doesn't take away from their cuteness. Yes Anna, I said babies can be cute. . .

Here is Steve's beanie so far, I added 4 stripes instead of just 2. He LOVES blue, so I think it'll work. =P

I was asked about my orange beanie pattern. It's really simple to create. I'll give you a rough pattern right now:

1/2 skein of Cascade 220 - colour 1
1/8 skein of different colour in Cascade 220 - colour 2
size 8 16" circular needles
Tapestry needle

CO 80sts.
In colour 1 - knit 2" of 2x2 ribbing.
Knit 3/4" of stockinette.
Knit 3 rows of colour 2.
Knit 2 rows in colour 1
Knit 3 rows in colour 2
Switch back to colour 1 for 3" of stockinette.
Then begin decreases:
Every 9 stitches K2Tog
Knit row
Every 8 stitches K2Tog
Knit row
Every 7 stitched K2Tog
Knit row
(continue to decrease the number after every knit row until you are down to 8 stitches, then take your tapestry needle and run it through all stitches, then pull tight and weave in all of your ends)

Also about the YARN, it would be great if I had EMAILS so I could CONTACT people and also you guys don't get to choose which yarn you get, you just get it. . . .

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More hats. . . .

This is what I saw before I fell asleep. =P

Yep, I already finished the orange beanie. Again, these are all stash busters. I am also going to be giving away a crap load of yarn this week. So stay tuned and read all of this post. =) Yeah I'm tired and I bet you can tell.

Top of the hat

Steve's beanie that I'm working on. It will consist of 2 dusky blues and a navy. I hope he likes it when it's done.

Here is the yarn that is being given away. I'm paying shipping, I just want it gone =P. So basically everyone who wants yarn leave a comment please and I'll give it out as people leave comments. Some is sock yarn and some isn't.

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