Friday, April 4, 2008

More Stuff. . .

Soo for some reason I've actually felt like cleaning lately. Yesterday the room I was really working on was my kitchen. There's a reason there's no before picture of anything because the only clean room was the hallway. I also starting finishing the laundry, most of the dishes are done and I really need to vacuum. Oh well, LOOK A CLEAN KITCHEN! Yay! Oh! I can also sit on both my futons now. . . . frightening isn't it?

I've been wanting to purchse this book for while, not because I'm pregnant (hell no) but because everything in it is so beautiful and soft looking. So I finally went and bought it. I bet I'll use it when I actually do have kids, but thats not for several years. =P

I'm starting with the baby blanket in a natural blue sky cotton that they had. The dyed cotton is sooooo bright and actualy hurts my eyes. I love bright, but for a baby I think mute is more beautiful so it doesn't take away from their cuteness. Yes Anna, I said babies can be cute. . .

Here is Steve's beanie so far, I added 4 stripes instead of just 2. He LOVES blue, so I think it'll work. =P

I was asked about my orange beanie pattern. It's really simple to create. I'll give you a rough pattern right now:

1/2 skein of Cascade 220 - colour 1
1/8 skein of different colour in Cascade 220 - colour 2
size 8 16" circular needles
Tapestry needle

CO 80sts.
In colour 1 - knit 2" of 2x2 ribbing.
Knit 3/4" of stockinette.
Knit 3 rows of colour 2.
Knit 2 rows in colour 1
Knit 3 rows in colour 2
Switch back to colour 1 for 3" of stockinette.
Then begin decreases:
Every 9 stitches K2Tog
Knit row
Every 8 stitches K2Tog
Knit row
Every 7 stitched K2Tog
Knit row
(continue to decrease the number after every knit row until you are down to 8 stitches, then take your tapestry needle and run it through all stitches, then pull tight and weave in all of your ends)

Also about the YARN, it would be great if I had EMAILS so I could CONTACT people and also you guys don't get to choose which yarn you get, you just get it. . . .


kate said...


Winged said...

I hope you have better luck with your medication in the future. I don't think i could have stood for changing it that much in 3 months.

Anyway, my email is

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

TMI...definitely TMI

Are you going to answer my question?

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

What, you mean I CAN'T custom order my freebies?!? What kind of world is this? lol. (j/k)

Your "Claire" actually freaked me out a bit... because I was actually pondering that name too! Small world.

When do you think you're going to drop it off today. I'm in until 5:45pm and will be out until 7ish. Just let me know.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I ate one of the C.rolls yesterday. It was yummy. Thanks.

Anna said...

Just PMed you on Ravelry.

But, if you don't get that, it's
annaironside at yahoo dot com.

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