Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Yarn NEEDS to GO!

I have 3 envelopes waiting to be sent with some of the yarn from the pictures. Below are two more pictures of all of the yarn that needs to be gone from my apartment!!! Please ask for some if you want it. If not, it's going into the garbage, I know, horrible.

Some sock yarn is still left.

Below is the majority of my stash. I had 2 of those bins full in my closet, now with the drawer storage I have cut that down to 1 large bin.

Below is the majority of my sock yarn in the purple drawer storage. Amazingly, yes I am cutting down. *sounds of shock in the background*

My parents came today and now after over a year and a half I have new blinds and CURTAINS!!!!! And they're GREEN!!!! Yay!!!!

I have also decided to show you some new colourways that hopefully will be making their way into the shop along with the new silk/merino blend sock yarn and my new worsted weight also. =)


Anna said...

I'll take the sock yarn off your hands. I'll even pay shipping!

KnittySue said...

Me too....but them again my postman never seems to deliver my boxes...LOL Let me know and I'll send the shipping $

Must Keep Knitting said...

i'm always willing to take more also!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Don't throw away the left overs! Gah!

If there's stuff left in your boxes by the end of your give-aways, I'll look through them. I'm sure you can give the LYS the box, and they could just have a "free" sign by it..or something.

Anyways, I was wondering if you knew where they sell "Brittany" needles around here. I just broke two of them (*sob*), and I don't want the clover ones that Home Ec has...

Janelle said...

I'm always happy to have some yarn. Let me know if you are still looking for a home for your yarny goodness.

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