Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finished Socks! Again. . .

I finally finished up two pairs of socks that were started over 5 months ago. As I said below, the pink merino socks were started in December, the first one finished rght after the Capital One Bowl. The Arcade Treasures one (bright green & teal) was done in November/December I believe. I am just finishing pairs of socks I started a while ago & giving singles mates. The pink yarn I bought on eBay and forget what it's called. The "Arcade Treasures" is Gypsy Girl Yarns I bought a while ago when i first discovered the yarn in Rockford. The Arcade Treasure socks are being washed & sent up to New York to my now former roomie Cristina. She was one of the girls I lived with in Florida.

And of course, what would this post be without a cute pic of Mac on my bed.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring is here and I cleaned. . . .

Happy Memorial Day!!! This holiday teds to hit home at times, my grandpa (mom's dad) was in Vietnam 3 times, he was an Army Colonol & my aunt (mom's youngest sister) is in the Navy. Prayer go out to every current troop and veteran.
Spring is definately here in Iowa. I've actually never been here past the end of finals. It's actually really pretty in the spring. Below are some pictures I took while on a long walk with Mac yesterday. It's so nice to have seasons, isn't it?

I also had fun this weekend baking some bread and cleaning. Lmfao. Stop hyperventilating Anna, yes I did clean my apartment. You'd be surprised how clean it is. Laundry is almost all done, dishes are clean, just need to vacuum. Below is a pic of the rolls I baked. I also baked a loaf, but it wasn't as pretty. There is also a pic of me being my typical dumbass self. I got my hair dyed back to brown on Thursday. I am a brunette again!!!!! I'm not blonde material. . . .I realised that while in Florida. . .

I did manage to do a little bit of knitting while cleaning, baking and chilling with my dog. I am almost done knitting a basket weave dishcloth in Bernat Cottontots. It's a really soft yarn & makes great washcloths. I am also trying to finish a waaayyy over do FO the pink merino socks I started back in December. I finished the first one a day after the Capital One Bowl. . . .that was January 2nd. . . .it's almost June. . .

I can't help but feel like I'm constantly putting off my Sockapalooza socks. . . I have no clue what to buy my pal to go with the socks. I'm going to use the Koigu yarn I bought her that was supposed to be the yarn gift. . . .aaarrrgggghhh!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I Painted my Koigu Yarn

No you don't have to adjust your screen or glasses. I did paint my 2 skeins of Koigu yarn. I was working on my Genevieve socks (the cabled pattern I came up with is now named Genevieve) and I noticed there was way too much orange in the yarn, sooo I took the koigu I had for my pal & painted it to match her tastes. I'll find other yarn to give her. The Koigu socks will also be Genevieves. I think it'll look wonderful in the light blue and now Kelly Green.
Below are pics of before & after I painted them and also a picture of them in the center pull ball.

Here is my first finished Genevieve! I love how the cables work with the colours!It's easy enough for a beginner and beautiful enough for anyone. I'll write down the pattern this weekend! The yarn is Gyspy Girl Yarns in "Winter Solstice"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nessy & Sockapalooza Socks

This is going to be a shorter than normal post. I have been working on my friend Melissa's socks for the past 2 days or so. Below is a picture of the wsock so far. I just turned the heel during my class today. This is the colourway called "Nessy" I dyed a little while back. I;m loving how it's coming out!

I have finally started my Sockapalooza pal socks. I decided just to do my own simple cabling pattern. I started them last night around midnight & worked on them during class. Below are pictures of them right now. I hope to have turned the heel in a few & hope to finish the gusset by tonight on both socks. The yarn is Gyspy Girl in "Winter" Solstice. The side with the 2 cables will be the front & top of the sfoot & the one larger cable is the back. What do you think? Sorry the pics are a little blurry, it's hard to get good pics of sock yarn. =/

Monday, May 21, 2007

Finished Socks & new yarn!

I went home this weekend just for the hell of it. I also wanted to go home to see my friend Anna. We had a fun time. We went to a LYS 20 minutes from her house, nice house btw. I bought some Anne yarn & 4 more skeins of Panda Cotton. . . in my school colours. I know, I know! But I'm such a sucker for black & gold! While I was gone I finished the pair of socks below. . . .pretty eh? I decided to keep them. . . . . . .yes, I'm bad, oh well. They were knit on size 2's & knit up extremely fast.

Anyways, before I left I bought a skein of 549 yards of baby alpaca in a light DK. I brought it home & dyed it before I left. Below is a before picture & the two next to that are the after pics. I'm calling this colourway Melon Cocktail.I love how the colours came out & it's sooo soft!

Here it is hanging in my shower drying.

Finished drying:

Below is my new skein of Anne yarn, soft & beautiful, I LOVE bright colours!!

Below is a pic of the finished Pink Panda Cotton socks wrapped up & my mom's OSU socks I'm finally working on.

It also seems Anna tagged me. . . .eeekkk!!
Seven interesting things about me:

1. I've been to every continent except Anarctica & Australia.
2. I once set a bathroom on fire at a bar mitzvah. . . . .it was someone I didn't like. . . it was an accident! I was 11!
3. I used to ply an online game for 8 years of my life, sometimes 16 hours a day suring the summer. . . .it was called Ultima Online. I finally quit & haven't played it since, I quit in January 2006. Go me!
4. I have traveled all around the world but have never ever been to my state capitol, Springfield, IL.
5. I love to drive around hand blast music when I cool down. . . .I hate being bothered with trifles & get angry very eaily. Knitting is also one of my stressrelievers.
6. I was born on Septembet 9th, 1985 at 9 miniutes to 9 pm. B-Day: 9/9/85.
7. After 20 years of exitence I have finally been diagnosed ADD after having problems my entire life. Gotta love science. . . .

I tag:

Melanie, LotusKnits
Chelsea, very voluble
Jennifer, MajorKnitter
Kristi, Knitanon
Jennifer, X-Treme Knitting
1870 Pearl

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finished Socks, New Socks & Mac

Sooo, I finised another pair socks. These are for my manager Christine down in Florida. This yarn is Panda Cotton. I forget the colour. The yarn feels great, but it splits sooo easily wile knitting & that was quite annoying. These socks were knit on size 1's with 64 stitches. It has a lot of elastic in it, but it's still tight. I have two more skeins of this yarn in "Faded Jean," I have no idea what to do with it. The yarn knits sooo tight & cotton has the tendency to shrink. I'll find something to do with it.

Below is the new sock I started on during class today. These are thank-you socks for my other manager Cindy down in Florida. The yarn is Kaleidoscope by Jojoland. It is their hand-painted yarn. It's really nice to knit with, surprisingly. I love these colours. I have 2 other colours also for me hehehehe. This is pair 2/10 pairs for people I met down in Florida. Three of the pairs are for my roomies. =) I miss them sooo much!

Below are just some wacky pics of my dog Mac. He's a miniature Australian Shepherd and his colouring is blue merle.

Johnny is back in Madison from NY!!!!! Yay!!!! *jumps up & down with joy*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, some more yarn came in the mail which includes my Slytherin yarn! Pictures later. =)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately I didn't spend it with my mom, this morning she had to take my sister to O'Hare Airport so she could hop on a plane to France for the summer/ next 5 weeks. I called her though & wished her a happy mother's day. . .that counts right?
Anyways, below are two pictures of Christine's thank-you socks while on the drive home. I basically knit those the entire way back, welll off & on because they're still not done. . . .oops?

I mentioned in yesterday's post I acid dyed some superwash yarn. Here are pictures f it below. The Blue & Green is called Mediterranean and the Purple, Green & Red one is called Nessy. I REALLY love dying yarn & can't wait to buy more bare yarn. I am thinking of trying the KnitPicks yarn. I love that the colours came out brilliantly bright! Each skein is 440 yards.

Another project I have done since I got back was my balcony garden. I have an eatern facing window, so there's a lot of sun in the mornings even though it's a wooded ravine behind my building. It's beautiful this time of year in Iowa. The weather is perfect, not to cool, not to warm. =) I LOVE it! More pics next time. I also started my mom's OSU socks lastnight, but they'll have to be knit between thank-you amd sockapolooza socks. I also start class tomorrow. . . .eeewww statistics!!!

BTW, Johnny's in NY trying out for the Giants this weekend. *crosses her fingers even tho she hates NY*

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lalalala. . . . beautiful weather in Iowa. . .

Sooo, I'm back home in Iowa City (well my home away from home I guess) and I have already checked out Crazy Girl Yarns, the new knitting store in town. It's really cute & small. Hopefully they'll start selling Gyspy Girl Yarns here so I won't have to go back to IL for them. I bought some new yarn yesterday & purchased some acid dyes, rovings & a drop spin today. I really want to learn how to spin, so hopefully this summer I will in Rockford at Unique Yarns.
Also, I dyed my first skein of yarn, it's 440 yards in superwash wool. Sweet eh? It's drying right now, pics later when my camera is recharged. Oy. . .
Nelow I am entering another knit along, a Harry Potter sock one. Yay! I'm a Badger!!! aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Damn Wisconsinites! Hufflepuff is actually cool because it's my college colours, sweeettt!!!!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Harry Potter Book 7 Swap It Questionnaire:

1) What are your favorite Harry Potter Book Hogwarts House color combinations?
Hufflepuff ~ Yellow and Black

2) Do you have a sock yarn that you can't wear?? Or just hate??
Any machine processed yarn dries out my skin, I prefer hand-dyed

3) Would you prefer nice "Harry Potter" socks, or can your sock Pal go all Funky on you? How weird is to weird for you??
I love weird & mysterious

4) Who is your favorite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor Snape

5) Is there a color that you just can't wear, you know the one that makes you looks sick, or you just can't stand? Explain the color? (Example ~ Light green, not med, or dark, but light..yuck!)
love all colours

6) Are you a superwash sock person or a 100% Wool sock person?
I'll do both

7) What do you think is the funniest scene in one of the books and what was it?
I love the entire time Harry is in the Black Mansion, it cracks me up

8) Will you be attending any Harry Potter parties or midnight releases like what Barnes and Nobles has put on in the past?
Yep, with my sister

9) Was there a scene that just cranked your needles? A scene that just made you mad?
Dumbledore & Sirius's deaths

10) Have you watched the movies and read the books? or just one and or the other, and if so which ones?

11) Have you or do you have any plans to knit anything else "themed" Harry Potter?
I am a member of another HP knit along, I may do a scarf or hat

12) What is your favorite all time sock yarn, and your favorite sock pattern?
monkey, any of the ones from favorite knits, etc

13) Do you knit your socks, toe up, cuff down, DPN's, Circ's or whatever you feel like?
cuff down, DPNs

14) Are you a Chocolate, Soda, Tea, Coffee, or Hard Candy kind of person? Any special treats you just can't resist??
chocolate, pop, tea, coffee are all great =) I can't resist red velvet cake hahahaha

15) Anything else you would like to tell about yourself, about the books, or about your knitting, bring it on! :c)
I'm a Badger in Harry Potter land! hehehehe that's funny!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sockapolooza Pal and I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo I changed the yarn I am going to use for my sock pal to "Winter Solstice" by Gyspy Girl Yarns. Here it is below:

I hope she likes it, I really do. Cathi's yarn is gorgeous.

Well, I'm back in Illinois right now for the night. Tomorrow my parents & I will be going to Iowa City & unpacking my car, getting me groceries, etc. Mac, my puppy, is coming with of course. I'll be in Iowa City for most of the summer. Hopefully I'll be able to knit all of my socks up & also take a spinning class. We'll see how that pans out. Oh well being home is just sooo nice, it still feels a little weird. When I'm back at my apartment I'll take pics of Christine's socks & also put up the progress pictures from the past 2 days of driving. Damn I'm tired! Funny, eh?

Johnny is headed to NY to try out for the NY Giants this weekend. . . . .oy New York. . why New York? =/

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm such a Midwesterner. . . . . yes I say pop!!!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
North Central
The West
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

I am leaving with my mom first thing Thursday morning, so like is sweet. I have 2 more days of working in Disney's sweatshop. I can't wait to get home!!! I'll also have 24 hours of knitting to do while driving, my mom will be driving because I got my dad & I lost last time. There will definately be pictures!!! Yay!!!! Life is bad at times but good eh?
Johnny is back from his tryout, it ended Sunday. He's now just waiting for the Packers to make a decision on whether or not he'll be returning for minicamp. *crosses her fingers* Below is a pic of him at the tryout in a Packer helm. Wish he could keep it. eh. . . blah. . . The Packers passed on him. . bastards & now he's off to NY to tryout with the Giants. . . . . . grr east coast. . . .not happy. . .

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Packing has commenced. . . . . the countdown is now down to 5. . . .

Well today is half done and I still have to work tonight. Not including today I will leave the state of Florida in 4 days. This week is going by sooooooooo slow!!!!! I just want this to end! I finally started packing the remainder of the things down here. My parents took 3/4s of my stuff back with them & this weekend they're dropping it off at my apartment in Iowa. Below is a beautiful pic of my large duffle bag with a Badger Capital One Bowl shirt sticking out. Gorgeous eh?

Below is a pick of my handknit socks soaking before I lay them flat to dry so they'll be clean & dry for the journey back up north.

I also took a pic of most of the knitting that will be accompaning me in the front seat to keep me sane! The Noro sock is actually for my Sockapolooza pal. She lives in the northern region of the country & I thought she'd like a pair of cozy winter socks to snuggle up in this coming fall and winter. I have never knit socks with the silk garden lite before, it's quite an experience! I'll drench & soak them in fabric softner when they're done so they're softer. *hopefully that'll be soon, even tho this swap isn't done until August* Lots to do, so little time to do it in.

And also this past weekend Johnny went up to Green Bay, Wisconsin & tried out with the Packers. We'll see how that went for him. *crosses her fingers*

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hawkeye Socks Finished! New Yarn & NFL Draft

I finished my Hawkeye socks lastnight, snapped a picture then passed out. I had a 7am shift yesterday and had been up since 5am, the pic was taken around 10:30pm. Yeah, long day! Here is a pic of them below next to my Iowa banner. Go Hawks! The yarn is Lorna Laces in Bee Stripe, 64 stitches on size 1 needles.

I also started another pair of socks out of the pink Panda Cotton. These are for my manager Christine. I need to start the second one. It is so much easier knitting both socks at once, you never get bored & they're both done pretty much at the same time. Sweet eh?
Melanie over at Lotus Knits dyed 2 colourways for me. One she already had called "Tulips" and a new one called "OSU" for socks for my mom. All my mom is getting this year for Mothers Day, her birthday AND Hannukah are Ohio State socks! Cathi over at Gypsy Girl Creations is also making me a skein of Buckeye coloured yarn for her also. This will be fun! There are pics of the 2 skeins below. Thanks Melanie & Cathi!

NFL Draft update! Okay, sooo Joe got drafted the first day, then on Monday Mark was signed as a free agent with the NY Jets, he's in the middle in the pic below. Which is actually better because his gf is from NY. Life is good for Mark & Joe hahaha. Johnny, the cute one on the right, wasn't signed and was finally offered a chance to tryout with the Packers this weekend. That would be sooo sweet if he signed with Green Bay. It's close to everyone and is still in the Midwest! Plus I want him to stay in the midwest. =P *crossing my fingers*!!! He had better not fuck this up!

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