Friday, May 25, 2007

I Painted my Koigu Yarn

No you don't have to adjust your screen or glasses. I did paint my 2 skeins of Koigu yarn. I was working on my Genevieve socks (the cabled pattern I came up with is now named Genevieve) and I noticed there was way too much orange in the yarn, sooo I took the koigu I had for my pal & painted it to match her tastes. I'll find other yarn to give her. The Koigu socks will also be Genevieves. I think it'll look wonderful in the light blue and now Kelly Green.
Below are pics of before & after I painted them and also a picture of them in the center pull ball.

Here is my first finished Genevieve! I love how the cables work with the colours!It's easy enough for a beginner and beautiful enough for anyone. I'll write down the pattern this weekend! The yarn is Gyspy Girl Yarns in "Winter Solstice"


Jamie C. said...

Beautiful yarn! I am really impressed with your dye-job!

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

You have made some really beautiful yarn there!!! And those socks... they are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Did you use the acid's? That probably was a whole lot easier than trying to dye sections. We should experiment with trying to make the fair-isle varigating yarn. It would be a lot of work, but oh well.

The sockie is good.
The needles are fine. The size of the yarn is fine.
Although, I do have a size 3 preference... you cling to what you know first. They just feel better. They are the perfect width for my hands.

Don't you wish I hate them (1's). :-P
You've been weaseling a complaint out of me for weeks.

P.S- your cables look tight. You should add another knit-straight round or two (or three...), to loosen them up. It makes the fabric stiffer (and pull in weirdly) too, if they are too tight.

Unknown said...

wait a tick. Did you cheat? Did you buy it blue, then paint the green on?? Oh dearie... you had me fooled.

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