Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately I didn't spend it with my mom, this morning she had to take my sister to O'Hare Airport so she could hop on a plane to France for the summer/ next 5 weeks. I called her though & wished her a happy mother's day. . .that counts right?
Anyways, below are two pictures of Christine's thank-you socks while on the drive home. I basically knit those the entire way back, welll off & on because they're still not done. . . .oops?

I mentioned in yesterday's post I acid dyed some superwash yarn. Here are pictures f it below. The Blue & Green is called Mediterranean and the Purple, Green & Red one is called Nessy. I REALLY love dying yarn & can't wait to buy more bare yarn. I am thinking of trying the KnitPicks yarn. I love that the colours came out brilliantly bright! Each skein is 440 yards.

Another project I have done since I got back was my balcony garden. I have an eatern facing window, so there's a lot of sun in the mornings even though it's a wooded ravine behind my building. It's beautiful this time of year in Iowa. The weather is perfect, not to cool, not to warm. =) I LOVE it! More pics next time. I also started my mom's OSU socks lastnight, but they'll have to be knit between thank-you amd sockapolooza socks. I also start class tomorrow. . . .eeewww statistics!!!

BTW, Johnny's in NY trying out for the Giants this weekend. *crosses her fingers even tho she hates NY*


Unknown said...

hmmm, I plan to kool-aid-it-up some time soon. I'm thinking of just buying white alpaca from knitpicks, but i'm not sure. I wish they came in 100gms at least, so I can keep the varigation the same.

Damn, you knit your socks so wide! Don't they slip off?

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