Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lalalala. . . . beautiful weather in Iowa. . .

Sooo, I'm back home in Iowa City (well my home away from home I guess) and I have already checked out Crazy Girl Yarns, the new knitting store in town. It's really cute & small. Hopefully they'll start selling Gyspy Girl Yarns here so I won't have to go back to IL for them. I bought some new yarn yesterday & purchased some acid dyes, rovings & a drop spin today. I really want to learn how to spin, so hopefully this summer I will in Rockford at Unique Yarns.
Also, I dyed my first skein of yarn, it's 440 yards in superwash wool. Sweet eh? It's drying right now, pics later when my camera is recharged. Oy. . .
Nelow I am entering another knit along, a Harry Potter sock one. Yay! I'm a Badger!!! aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Damn Wisconsinites! Hufflepuff is actually cool because it's my college colours, sweeettt!!!!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Harry Potter Book 7 Swap It Questionnaire:

1) What are your favorite Harry Potter Book Hogwarts House color combinations?
Hufflepuff ~ Yellow and Black

2) Do you have a sock yarn that you can't wear?? Or just hate??
Any machine processed yarn dries out my skin, I prefer hand-dyed

3) Would you prefer nice "Harry Potter" socks, or can your sock Pal go all Funky on you? How weird is to weird for you??
I love weird & mysterious

4) Who is your favorite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor Snape

5) Is there a color that you just can't wear, you know the one that makes you looks sick, or you just can't stand? Explain the color? (Example ~ Light green, not med, or dark, but light..yuck!)
love all colours

6) Are you a superwash sock person or a 100% Wool sock person?
I'll do both

7) What do you think is the funniest scene in one of the books and what was it?
I love the entire time Harry is in the Black Mansion, it cracks me up

8) Will you be attending any Harry Potter parties or midnight releases like what Barnes and Nobles has put on in the past?
Yep, with my sister

9) Was there a scene that just cranked your needles? A scene that just made you mad?
Dumbledore & Sirius's deaths

10) Have you watched the movies and read the books? or just one and or the other, and if so which ones?

11) Have you or do you have any plans to knit anything else "themed" Harry Potter?
I am a member of another HP knit along, I may do a scarf or hat

12) What is your favorite all time sock yarn, and your favorite sock pattern?
monkey, any of the ones from favorite knits, etc

13) Do you knit your socks, toe up, cuff down, DPN's, Circ's or whatever you feel like?
cuff down, DPNs

14) Are you a Chocolate, Soda, Tea, Coffee, or Hard Candy kind of person? Any special treats you just can't resist??
chocolate, pop, tea, coffee are all great =) I can't resist red velvet cake hahahaha

15) Anything else you would like to tell about yourself, about the books, or about your knitting, bring it on! :c)
I'm a Badger in Harry Potter land! hehehehe that's funny!


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