Sunday, May 6, 2007

Packing has commenced. . . . . the countdown is now down to 5. . . .

Well today is half done and I still have to work tonight. Not including today I will leave the state of Florida in 4 days. This week is going by sooooooooo slow!!!!! I just want this to end! I finally started packing the remainder of the things down here. My parents took 3/4s of my stuff back with them & this weekend they're dropping it off at my apartment in Iowa. Below is a beautiful pic of my large duffle bag with a Badger Capital One Bowl shirt sticking out. Gorgeous eh?

Below is a pick of my handknit socks soaking before I lay them flat to dry so they'll be clean & dry for the journey back up north.

I also took a pic of most of the knitting that will be accompaning me in the front seat to keep me sane! The Noro sock is actually for my Sockapolooza pal. She lives in the northern region of the country & I thought she'd like a pair of cozy winter socks to snuggle up in this coming fall and winter. I have never knit socks with the silk garden lite before, it's quite an experience! I'll drench & soak them in fabric softner when they're done so they're softer. *hopefully that'll be soon, even tho this swap isn't done until August* Lots to do, so little time to do it in.

And also this past weekend Johnny went up to Green Bay, Wisconsin & tried out with the Packers. We'll see how that went for him. *crosses her fingers*


Unknown said...

Liz, I really think I won't even see you till next summer... unless you visit Illinois and come visit me!! ha ha ! Hey, we could go to six flags. lol.

Anyways... did you have any classes in florida? finals? It looks like you are already done with crap. Back to knitting full force? My knitting has been slowed down the past couple of days. I had so much shit to do. Now I have all day today and monday to study for my N.A rel. class and until wed. to study for my Medieval rel. and culture class to study for! Then i'm done! Yahoo!!

See ya (well, or not)

p.s- i was going to enter my designed raglan in this month's competition, but there's already a lot of cool things. I need to stop knitting raglans.

Unknown said...

next semester*

Unknown said...

I think you're forgetting who starting knitting *several* pairs of socks early on.... one after another.

Don't need to remind me how addicting they are.
Tell me something new. ;)

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