Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduated and working. . .

I graduated, no pictures, sorry but my hair looked horrid. It was a nice, beautiful, sunny day. Since then, I've been working on building up MacKintosh Yarns. I have been knitting up displays for conventions. Mainly socks right now. I have 3 done and only need one more and all 4 mannequins will have socks. I also sent a huge order to The Backwards Loop. it arrived today. I also took an order to Crazy Girl Yarn Shop here in Iowa.

Below I knit my Mey Seacell in the colourway Victoria. The pattern is Tadpoles, but knit upside down because it was knit toe up. I like it better this way.

Then I knit this sock out of my Woodland Bamboo blend in the colourway Jasmine. The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Diagonal Lace Sock.

I am also knitting myself a pair of Tadpoles for myself in Skye Sock Yarn in the colourway Emerald Serpent.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four Days until Graduation

I have four more days until my undergraduate college career is over. Five years of my life and countless hours and dollars later, I am finally graduating.
To keep my mind off of the fact that i will actually need to make a living after Saturday, I have been knitting and concentrating on holiday gifts, etc.
My diagonal socks are coming along. i did need to frog back the second sock down to the beginning of the 6th repeat on the foot because i kept screwing it up. I redid the heel 3 times, but the only solution was to rip it back even more. I have finally caught up with the first sock and am hopefully going to finish them this week.

I also started my dad's holiday gift after much contemplation. I finally decided to use up the rest of my Paton's Kroy Sock yarn and make the socks striped. My grandpa's socks will be made out of Paton's Kroy also, but plain black maybe with a pattern, we'll see.

Boy and I were in Rockford this weekend. I studied most of the time, while boy slept, he's been sick. I did get to see my mom's face when she received the flowers I ordered her for Mother's Day. She REALLY liked them. I also helped my dad pick out a gift of his own for her.

Spring is definitely here. This is a photo of the pond in my parent's backyard. They just had it redone. There was a rip in the liner and the pond kept losing water. Not a good thing when they have fish in there.

Back to knitting since I'm done studying for the day.
Please remember! Everything in the shop will be on sale starting the 15th in honor of my graduation! It will continue until the 21st!!

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