Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahh boys. . .

I recieved my shipment of yarn last Saturday and began to experiment. I love to yarn bases! Below is a picture of the first worsted weight skein I dyed. It is pretty soft and has a great sheen to it. I don't know what to knit with it yet. It also has about 260 yards, but that will change with cones.

Boy bought me yarn!! I have been wanting to try Hazel Knits yarn for a while. Yes, I am getting rid of yarn, but so far I've been pretty good at not buying tons anymore. I am working through it, slowly, but surely. The colourway is Shady Verdant. It is soooo soft!!! I LOVE it!

The Sex Kitten socks are coming along. I'm on the picot heels and soon will be turning them. Turning the heel for me basically says "Yeah, these will be finished soon." It makes me have to finish the socks.

I started another pair of socks today. These are 3x2 ribbing on size 2 needles with 60 sts. This Mountain Colours yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite some time. I thought it was time I knit with it. The colourway is Mountain Twilight. After these socks, 2 more pairs to go.

Below are two pictures of my new 15/85 silk/merino sock yarn. I'm calling it the Selke Sock Yarn. Below is Kiwi Melon and Sex Kitten. The yarn is 325 yards. Soo soft and beautiful! These skeins are both in the shop as well as other colourways in my other yarn bases. I really updated the shop. Please go have a look. =)

It's also raining again, yay.
Okay for those of you who want free yarn (unless you have already done this) please e-mail your address to Mostly I would only charge shipping of the yarn. I have a little bit of sock yarn left and most of it is worsted weight and bulky. Thanks!


Janice said...

Ooh, all of the yarn and sock projects look great. I especially love the top yarn that you dyed. The colors are fabulous! Hope your keeping your head above water with all this rain! Spring will come. Spring will come. Spring will.....

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

The sex kitten looks a little "washed" in the new silk.

Must Keep Knitting said...

I got the yarn you sent in the mail today! THANK YOU so much!

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