Friday, April 25, 2008

Rain Rain Tornado. . . .

My research paper is done and was turned in yesterday. More rain. I actually love rain and the cooler weather it brings, so I'm content. So it Mac. We did have another tornado warning today though, which kind of puts a damper on things. Yeah, bad pun there. Yesterday I finished my Sex Kitten socks. Granted, one of the heels is screwed up because at 3am I forgot how to turn a heel. It amazingly fits and these are house socks, so who cares. More yarn out of my sock stash!

I have also been working on my Mountain Colours socks. They're coming along, the second one is getting closer to the ofirst as I keep working on it. I completely forgot how soft and beautiful this yarn is. Yum!

I also started another pair of socks in my handpainted Opal that I recieved from Cindy for a tea swap that we did. Mybe these will be Monkeys, my only fear is that I have wide feet. I have heard that they tend to be tighter than other socks. We shall see.

I have been searching for some missing yarn. I wish I could blame the dog, but he ignores every piece of the stuff. I did look through a bag of some dyed Harry potter yarns today and found all but 2 halves of the yarn I'm missing. While searching, I found this awesome green colour with them. I can't remember when I dyed this, but damn do I love it! It's 5oz of yarny goodness too!

Here are the two missing their mates. I cut my skeins in half so I am able to knit 2 socks simultaniously. The pastel one is from Spunky Eclectic and the green is Wollmeise. This is the yarn that was a gift from Claudia, so I am damn determined to find the other half! Plus it's pretty!

OMG!! I have chives! I never knew that they came up every year. I'm soo happy that they did though, fresh chives are wonderful for cooking. I also planted my other herb seeds and some wildflower/butterfly garden flower seeds. Hopefully these will start sprouting along with my strawberry and tomato seeds.

I will leave you with Mac wishing he could go outside and play.


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