Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sun and Cold

The sun is out, but it's still a wee bit brisk out today.
I usually have a pair of dummy socks going for when I sit in class and stuff. Lately the socks have been replaced by hats, but I decided a new pair of socks was needed. Below is my new pair. The colourway is my Sex Kitten in my new sock base for the Celtic Sock Yarn. I am also going to be adding a silk/merino base and a worsted weight merino to the collection. I hope you guya enjoy them.

I bought this pattern today because I always wanted to try it. I'm using Bernats Cottontots for the bears. Its a really beautiful and soft yarn. I definately suggest peple knitting for babies use it. =)


Winged said...

Typically, I'm not a huge fan of pink in my yarn but I really like how that's knitting up. You are sorely tempting me right now.

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