Monday, April 28, 2008

On the edge of reason. . .

My stress level has risen to unbelievable heights within the last 36 hours. I'm supposed to be doing a group project with two guys. Well, let's see, in the past 2 weeks we've met up three times. One of them, Dan, has a 2 year old and works and has a full schedule. I can understand having a full schedule, but trust me, this is too fucking much. Today our first part of the assignment is due. We're writing a business plan and the Market Analysis was due today. I mainly did the survey, I mainly wrote the paper and proof read it and researched all of the info for the demographical area. I did it. They wrote two little paragraphs and Mike did a little bit on the survey (I wrote the questions). Well, our FINANCIAL PLAN is due Wednesday. Yeah, the only info we had as of last night were costs that I researched and wrote down. I mainly came up with the list also. Well, let's see, the only time Dan can meet up is 11 PM TUESDAY NIGHT! Now, he may have written his 12 page paper the night before it was due and stayed up till 7:30 am, I don't care cause that didn't effect MY grade. I refuse to write something past 10pm because my mind begins to go big time. It is extremely unfair that we can only meet up at that time. I sent an e-mail to my professor about it last night and have yet to receive a response. I am writing a financial plan and will tell David, my professor that I wrote it and they didn't contribute. Let them write their own. I am tired of trying to work with someone else's schedule when they have rehearsals, class, work, and can;t find a babysitter. He can miss a goddamn rehearsal. They both graduate in less than 2 weeks, so they really don't care and I'm tired of it. Thank-you for allowing me to bitch and moan, I am seriously on the edge of reason and just want to sleep till the end of the semester!
I have been working on my dad's sweater, slowly but surely. Homework and stress has caused it to be a night project. I think the yarn is perfect for it also.

My Mountain Colour socks are also moving along nicely. The second sock just needs to have the heel decreases finished and then I get to start on the foot. I adore this yarn, so soft and squishy!

I was looking through my sock stash and thought I would give in and start a Project Spectrum project. This is Mountain Colours Twizzle in Tamarak. Very pretty and thick. It is being knit on US4 needles.

Then we have what came in the mail today. This is from Amy's sock club (I get the fiber club also). It's called The Perfect Storm and is a sw merino and bamboo rayon blend? WTF is bamboo rayon? I don't know if I'm going to keep it or not, we'll see.

Next Tuesday boy is coming for the summer. I need to find the sanity and energy to straighten up the apartment. oy. The sock club has been sent out and all of the beautiful yarn below has been claimed. Thanks girls, hopefully that yarn will be sent out by Friday. Sanity remember? Sorry! Oh, and it snowed today! SNOWED!!


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I'm really diggin' all those mountain colors.

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