Friday, May 2, 2008

Ahh storms. . .and finished objects

Well, some good news, my stress level is lowering. Two financial plans were turned in yesterday, one mine, one theirs. Oh well, two is better than none.
I have a couple of finished objects. I finished my Wonky Cable Cabin socks that I started in August. Yep, in August. I finished one of the socks then and I had started the second sock back then. Now I have finished the second one, yay!

I also finished my Mountain Colour socks today, I mean yesterday? I had to finish them before I took my nap today. I'm happy that two more things are done. Now I need to dig for more yarn to knit from my stash. I frogged the other Mountain Colour socks, I don't know, but just couldn't knit them.

Another view.

My fiber from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club came. Soon I'll receive 8o instead of just 4o. It will be so much nicer! Yay, 2 ply yarns!

I love how it starts raining as I post this, like really storming. I've also been spinning some tonight. I never seem to spin during the day, which is strange.
I need to straighten up the apartment this weekend, boy comes Tuesday. I miss him a lot. =(


Winged said...

I really like how the colors pooled on the wonky cable socks.

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