Monday, November 5, 2007

OMFG It's November!!

Yep, I'm back. Took long enough eh? It's been a LONG and STRESSFIL October!! Every college student right now is wishing it was Thanksgiving break. Today was no exception to stress. I had a mental meltdown in my lighting class and didn't present my lighting project. I have finally calmed down, was crying my as off because of all of the stress and medical problems, and am about to go to my sister's and watch Heroes. Yep, and knit of course. I'm on KNIT HOLIDAY GIFTS overload. My family gives gifts over Thanksgiving Break because we're not together over Hannukah.
Below are socks for my brother's girlfriend, Alicia. We really like her and hope more happens. Hahahaha. They live together down in Austin. She LOVES pink! Sooo I pulled out my Chewy Spaghetti yarn and started knitting. She also wanted socks btw.

Below is my grandpa's Irish Hiking Scarf that is practicaly finished. It has a few more inches to go. . . I have yet to finish it. I have until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to finish. Thank goodness.

I'm also working on my Harry Potter Sock Swap Socks. I have 1 done! The other is in process. I missed the October 31st deadline. Damn migraines and stress and life. aaaahhhh!!!! Below are 2 pics of the ones my pal sent me. Aren't they soooo Hawkeyeish? They're warm too!!!! I wore them to both of my classes today. =) I LOVE them!!!

Btw, the Hawkeyes have won 2 Big Ten games in a row!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!! John now works at Wandos in Madison. . . .we happy? no. . . .


Karen S said...

Good to have nice socks to keep you earthbound! Hope November won't be quite so stressed for you.


Chelsea said...

It's good to know you are still alive. I was starting to wonder. Love the Hawk socks.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Shouldn't your swap be priority right now (since it's past the deadline), not the girlfriend of your brother?

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