Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How time flies. . ..

when you're half asleep most of the day and realise you just went through 5 hours of classes. . . .weird eh?
So I'm 22, thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Below is a pic of my cake. Yay! Yes, it's Hawkeye themed, wow, shocker. . .
Anna also got me some yarn, Cascade Pastaza, which is 50% llama & 50% wool. It's soo soft! I bought some more so I can make a hat, mittens, & a scarf if I finish my grandpa's.

Below is a pic of the scarf. I'm just about to finish the second skein, only needs about 1/2 of another and it should be done. It's kind of slightly growing on me. . . I still hate knitting scarves!

What else have I been up to? Below should be an answer, but I've also been working out, walking Mac, doing homework, trying to sleep, etc. The usuals when you're in college, except ordering in pizza for breakfast, lunch & dinner constantly. =P Yay for Smart Ones.

SOCK CLUB!!!!!!!

The sign-ups for he sock club will only be up until the 25th. They will be taken down by the evening of the 24th! Thanks!

Oh and Yay to the Packers for winning & Brett Favre is still HOT!!!!!!! hehehehe I'm heading up to Madison, Wisc this Friday with my sis for the Hawkeye vs Badger game. It should be awesome!!! Go HAWKS!


Karen S said...

Congratulations!!! Soo young yet so talented ;-)
By the way, your constant reminder of the Viking is working... I'm knitting now! (so there is still hope)

I wondered if you'd like some desings for your yarn? I get such good ideas when I look at it.

Hope you had a very nice day!

Chelsea said...

I forgot the candles on Josh's b-day cake. We didn't really have a party either. Do you still need help with test knitting?

KnittySue said...

Happy Birthday and have fun at that game.

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