Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Yarn Contest!!! & parents are coming. . . . .

*Warning* Big POST!

Okay, first off. I FINALLY got my sisters stupid demonic Badger socks off the needles!!! It took 9 months, but they are finally DONE!!! They're actually closer than I thought they would be. Not horrible. Now she can wear them to the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game up in Madison on September 22nd. I can't wait!!!!

I mention free yarn in my header. Well, there are 4 batches of yarn I'm giving away. I'm even paying for shipping. I'm doing "Fall Cleaning" and need to get rid of it. It would break my heart if I had to throw it away. =(
Below are the 4 batches. They all have enough for at least SIX pairs of socks each. Some have more yarn than that. There is some Lorna's Laces, Trekking, Jojoland Melody, Jojoland Kaleidescope, Twinkletoes, etc. In order to get it you must find a picture of a Hawkeye Football player that you think is attractive and explain why you chose him in the comment section. If you all choose the same player, I will know you've gone through my blog and will not be happy. =P Some advice, go for players from between 2003 and 2006. =P or go here to look: Hawkeye Sports. I will pick the people who picked the most attractive player in my opinion. I mean come on, it's free yarn! ALSO, PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG! *forgot, sorry*

Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

The yarn for my Loopy Ewe order, sock club and update arrived today. It actually surprised me. Yes, that is a shitload of yarn. weee!!! Let the fun begin. . .!!!!

Talking about college. Parents mean a few things to college students:

1. Money
2. Real Food
3. Grief and Annoyance
4. Money & Real Food
5. Reminders of why you are at college
6. (in my situation and the worst of them all) Clean Dorm Room/Apartment and much criticism and bitching if opinions differ in cleanliness

I am not known as being the cleanest person on the planet, shut up Anna. And my parents are coming on Saturday which means they will, mainly my mom, expect it to be clean. They are BOTH clean freaks. So is my sister for that matter. So, this means I have had to clean my entire apartment. Below are som pictures of the progress. No, there are not before pictures because I didn't think about it. Oh well. I'm doing better in my apartment than I was in my dorm.
Below is my living room, yep tons of yarn on the coffee table. Most of it waiting to be wound into hanks.

Next we have my kitchen with a huge pile of dishes in the sink (those will be taken care of shortly).

My computer room (where I am right now typing this to you) and where my sock stash resides. (sorry no pic yet) It also happens to usually be the brightest room in the entire apartment, no idea why. It was a disaster earlier, so the fact that you can see the floor is a miracle. =P

I also cleaned my bedroom, stripped the bed, put most of the laundry away, etc. Mac decided my blankets (waiting for the sheets to be cleaned) was a great place for him to snuggle in. In other words, not like my bed wasn't already covered in dog hair, considering the munchkin sleeps on my bed, he decided the blankets were now conquered in the name of "MacKintosh Apple Computer." Oh well.

I also feel really bad for Janice because she moved her daughter into her dorm today and it stormed all morning here in IC. =/ Hope nothing got ruined in the mud hole in front of the dorm. Oh and yay for a new Hawkeye who's mother is a kick ass knitter!!!

Also, I'm sad because I just found out that I can't go to one of my best friend's wedding. She's getting married November 11th in downtown Chicago. The 11th is a Sunday and I have class the next morning. IC is about 4 to 5 hours from downtown Chicago. The wedding is from 6pm to midnight. Not exactly reasonable for me. =( I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids. =( =( =( =( =( =(


Shanidy said...

Hmmm...Several of them are cute. I think that I will go with Brian Mattison. 1. Because he is cute. 2. because he had to be at the bottom of the list and 3.he looks like he might be trouble :)

KnittySue said...

OK I'll play, I pick Drew Tate,why...because he had an impressive career from 2003-2005. The write up on him was quite interesting since I tend to go for quarterbacks. Nice site by the way I'll be visiting it often since I love football. ;)

LotusKnits said...

Go to the wedding anyway! But leave early so you can make class. Or hell, skip class! Who needs it! :P

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Well, you know I don't know a shit about sports...or their players...but I looked at the profiles and non of the players, except "Adam Shada" struck any sort of fancy. He's the most good-looking of the bunch, and our age.
And hell, he set some sort of record over've gotta like that.

Since he's wouldn't have to worry about walking down dark allies... lol.

Karen S said...

Hmmm I roosted my way through several different sports... Did it have to be football? Well anyway, I thougth that the only one even close to being sexy is Seth Wessels (swimming/diving)...
But if it has to be football I think I'd nominate Ricky Stanzi - he's cute!

Now on to posting about this on the home blog ;)

Karen S

AndreaLea said...

Ooooh! A contest!
My favorite player lately has been Marcus Paschal. Mostly because of his dreads, not so much for cuteness. He seems like a nice guy and his mom used to hang out at the football message boards my husband frequents and talked about how proud she is of him. That's cute! :)
And you should go to the wedding!

Sarah said...

I looked around on the roster, and my favorite was Devan Moylan -- great hair, dude! He looks more like a surfer than a football player, and since I'm a California girl through and through, that counts for a lot. Also, his first and last names kinda rhyme, which makes me laugh. :)

christyn said...

I also pick Devan Moylan. Cutie.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

I like how you add in "post this to your blog" but you never adhered to that little detail in the last contest you participated in. Silly you.

pigbook1 said...

I am looking through the players from this year only, I haven't had a chance to look through your blog but I will after i tell you who i think is cute: Adam Shada

amy said...

After spending WAY too much time studying various football websites, I found him! This guy is adorable: Damian Sims. He is happy (most of the other guys aren't) and has cool dreadlocks. And there's a news story that calls him "speedy and elusive". I like that in a football guy.

I'll post a note about your contest on my blog, too!

Janice said...

Good for you cleaning your apt for your mom ;-) (ok, that's a mom talking....) Looks like a great apartment. Beats dorm life, I bet!! Lucked out with the rain! Lucky us. But many others were not so lucky. Looked like drowned rats. Not a fun way to start college life...

funfairiegirl said...

I choose bryan mattison.

Why> He is at the bottom of the list. He has an impressive list of honors - I don't watch football and I am impressed anyway. His dad coaches at FL and I am a FL girl. Oh, he makes me feel a little dirty cause he is WAAAAY younger than me. Holy moly. I got almost 10 years on that kid. but the main reason...well, when I saw this picture I thought...nice ass on that kid. Yeah. I am going to a special hell.

Anna said...

I'm picking Robert Gallery because he's a giant corn-fed Iowa boy, and he's kinda rockstar lookin'. I like the rockstars. I imagine he might even be a Nine Inch Nails fan. Or maybe that's all in my mind.

I'm not a fan of the Raiders, however.

Jen C said...

I pick Clint Huntrods because he looks like he's not overly bulked up. Plus he's earned his bachelor's degree and going for his "advanced degree."

Janice said...

ok, I am thinking all that yarn is too good to pass up so I am going to have to go with Devan Moylan... He's kinda cute :-) And I think you two would look cute together. So there you have it.

Thea_Midnight said...

OK, I've made my decision. Only took one week!
I am choosing #13 Charles Godfrey.

He's pretty dreamy with those deep dark eyes.

Go Hawkeyes!

kittyparson said...

So, I looked over all the Jrs & Srs in the bunch and I've found my hunk. I only wish I could have seen action photos of them in their tight uniforms...Meow!. Too Too Bad. Well I picked Jared Oberland...Mm Mm Mm he really is cute. And those eyes, I like a big tall man, I cant believe he's only 21, in that photo he looks a bit older. There were two runner ups: 1)Bryon Gattes & 2)Devon Moylan (<- mostly for his hair) in that order.

Thea_Midnight said...

I've picked Charles Godfrey. He is nicely photogenic, not to mention what great eyes he has. I approve of men who play tough games but can smile for the camera!

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