Tuesday, August 21, 2007

6 days until classes begin. . .

I'm actually excited because I want to go back to a normal schedule. It'll be nice to be learning once more. . . Florida made me value my education. lmfao
Gencon was a lot of fun. I bought some more art, am now playing a new card game and actually only got into a bitching fight with my sister. . . .twice. That's a very small amount for us. Lmfao. AND my sister & her boyfriend are still together. Lastyear after Gencon, they weren't. . .
Soooo what did I do knitting wise? I knit a sock! I used STR mediumweight in Fairgrounds. I like it alot. I'm naming the socks, Wonky Cable Cabin Socks. I'm going to knit another pair in my Chubby Sock Yarn so it fits in with ym yarns. I'll also put the pattern in my etsy shop if anyone is interested. =)
I need better pics, I know. . .

I had to take a pic with the shoes I'll most likely wear them with almost all winter, besides my Ugg boots.

I finally finished the first of my grandma's Cable sockie things that I forgot the name of. I've already started the heel on the second one, like that says much lmfao.

I also have some stash enhancements today. Yes, that is Vesper sock yarn below. Yes, there are 2 skeins. No, you can't have them. =P The colourways are Sweet Water (one with the orange) and Crew.

Claudia also sent me a skein of Lowenzahn. We're doing a swap. I'm sending her 2 skeins of tencel/merino blend hand dyed by me. I will ship those out tomorrow. I really hope she likes them. =)

Below is a preview of 2 of my newest colourways. These are part of my Autumn Series called: Hoodie Weather. Yep, that's the name of the series, because whenever I think of fall, I think of wearing a hooded sweatshirt and football games. . . oh, and food & the apple orchard and pumpkin patch and leaves changing, etc. You get what I mean. =)
Below are Japanese Maple (the pink, red, purple, etc blend) and Pumpkin Pie (the other one. . .) These are watercoloured so there will not be a specific pooling like my other yarns.


Sign ups for the Cuaran Sock Club (Cuaran is Scottish Gaelic for sock) will be posted later this week on my etsy shop.

The sock club includes the following:

1 skein of yarn and 1 pattern in each shipment. The patterns will be copywritten and any reproductions of these patterns will have serious consequences
The yarns will vary between Celtic, Woodland, and Chubby
Each shipment will be sent out every other month
The first shipment will be sent out in early October
There will be contests and prizes every month
The club is limited to 30 individuals

Months for shipments:


There will be a lot of goodies included with the yarn and pattern. One of which will be a sock knitting bag specially sewn for the club by Anna

If you need to, you can be billed each month that there is a shipment. If not, there will be full sign-ups in the etsy shop. If you need monthly billing, please message me. Thanks!

I also have some bragging to do:
Venka finished her Bellatrix LeStrange socks in my colourway, Bellatrix LeStrange. They look awesome!

Chelsea also finished both of her pairs of socks! She used Aurelie and The Burrow.


loveyourbag said...

I'm so jealous of all your new yarn ;)
Good luck with your new classes!

Chelsea said...

My feet look funny in that burrow picture. Isn't Cuaran Sock Club a little redundant? Contests and prizes!! Sign me up! or do I have to do that myself? Probably the latter.

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