Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finished Socks, Birthday gift & Jitterbug. . .

Sooo. . . .people have noticed I haven't posted in over a week. . . .I have a good excuse! Somehow I was talked into staying this past week. . . the ENTIRE week in Rockford, a city I hate, to help my dad with the animals. . . .2 dogs, 2 parrots, 8 koi, & numerous fish inside and Mac, my dog. So that's why I haven't posted. A lot happened over the past week. Before my mom left for Spain to visit my sister, she & I went to The Fold in Merango. This was my second time being there. Toni wasn't there the first time. All 3 of us chatted for over an hour, I bought more yarn & my mom somehow came to the conclusion I NEEDED a spinning wheel. . . .so for my 22 birthday (which isn't until September 9th) I recieved a folding spinning wheel from Canada. It is BEAUTIFUL! Toni was sooo awesome! She gave me TWO skeins of STR for free! I painted the limestone lightweight & am going to keep the olive/forest green one the way it is.
But before I went home, I went & visited Edie over at The Knitting Shoppe in IC. SHE CARRIES JITTERBUG NOW!!!!!!!!! Below are pics of the 2 skeins I bought, Mardis Gras & Popsicle!

Below is a picture of my spinning wheel. . . .do I know how to use it? Umm. . . I can thread it, does that count? I need to take lessons. .

Over the week I also finished a pair of socks in Mountain Colours colourway "Meadow." The yarn is HEAVEN to knit with. I have 3 more skeins just waiting to be knit. The pattern is my own 2x2 rib pattern with 64 stitches. These were supposed to be mine. . . but now they belong to my mom. Oh well. I forgot to take a pic of both socks when they were done. =/ This was taken Monday when I was working on the second one in front of my apartment building. Looks great in the sun eh?

Below are two pairs of socks I also started in the past few days. The Black & Gold is Gypsy Girl Yarn in "Swarm," the colourway she dyed for me with my school colours. GO HAWKS!

These are going to be footies for my mom for around the house in the winter. I hope she doesn't felt these by accident. . . .Anyways, the yarn is Oldfield Creek Socks & Yarn off eBay. It's sport weight.

I also have Sleeping Dragon's colourway "Mossy Frog" for my Sockapalooza pal. . . may just do ribbed socks. . .she wants simple. BLAH!

And no, John still doesn't have a job. . . .he needs to go up to Canada like Drew did. . .grr!


cindy said...

I am so thrilled that you have a spinning wheel!!! You will love spinning.I hope you plan to take lessons.
Here is a list of guilds in Iowa

If you don't have a teacher in mind perhaps one of the local guilds can give you a name.

Unknown said...

ha ha ha-- oh, btw

My dad is considering making me a yarn swiffer, since he's good with the woodworks. Hopefully he'll get that done soon. I showed him different models, and also one of the simpliest ones I could find, that has holes in the wood to move the pegs. Even I could make that, if I knew how to make it swivel. (sp?)

Unknown said...

Sorry if you thought I was a biotch.

Eh, I'll admit I am at times. Especially when i'm hungry.

Where's those potstickers?? I still have to wait 10 more minutes, lol.

Unknown said...

Although Hawkeye colors are great, I'm really digging the last sock.. the "missy dragon?"

Unknown said...

lol. i guess i'm going to keep going. i'm quite the scatterbrain.

What's so good about the jitterbug yarn. It just looks like normal hand-dyed yarn.

Does the spinning wheel calapse easily?

Chelsea said...

I am really looking forward to the sock club. I will definitely be bringing the sock along and possibly the start of it's mate or my pal's sock. Someday I might have to start spinning. I love the Hawk socks. I may have to get some of that yarn for my mom. She squealed when I gave her Crocs with a Hawkeye strap.

It will be nice to meet another knitter close to my age around here. See you Sunday!

Chelsea said...

I have only been to the Knitting Shoppe once. Do you like it?

Chelsea said...

I finally noticed you tagged me. I am not too observant :P

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