Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knitter's Tea Swap Package!!!

My package from Cindy came today! She sent some awesome stuff! Three boxes of tea: Masala Chai, Earl Grey Black Tea, and English Breakfast Black Tea, alpaca roving and mystery wool roving, Barley Soup Mix (made in Rhode Island), a die-cut notebook and four stitchmarkers by Cindy. =) She also sent me a beautiful skein of handpainted Opal and the pattern to Cookie A's Twisted Flower Sock Pattern, a pattern I've been admiring myself. =)

Below is a picture of the Opal she sent me.

And it's John's 24th Birthday today! I'll be in Madison next week, swweeeeetttttttt!!!! Can't wait!


~*~Anna~*~ said...

Sweet Jesus! You bought 100 dollars worth of white fingering weight socks! kah! I actually thought the white yarn I just got would be closer to fingering. It's inbetween cobweb and fingering. Oh well, i'll double it for joe's socks, and i'll buy a skein or two again from knitpicks in the one's i originally wanted. I hate it when that happens.

p.s- you don't have to dye me anything. You'll have too many skeins to have time to dye one for me.
Howevaaaa....i've been drooling over the pic on the right from this link:

~*~Anna~*~ said...

sock yarn*

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