Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Today is actually a minor holiday in the Pagan year. If you didn't know, I'm a Pagan and very proud of it. I was raised Jewish and I still carry that with me everywhere I go. Because Judaism is also a culture and a way of life as much as it is a religion, I call myself a Jewish Pagan. Faith wise I'm pagan, lifestyle wise, I'm still a Jew. I don't eat certain things because that is how I was raised, I celebrate certain things also. If that makes sense to you. Below is a picture of my altar from this evening. Pretty isn't it? I have collected things over the years for it. When I finally moved into my apartment my parents, yep my parents, helped me set it up. My mom thinks it's a phase (life long phase) and my dad just accepts it as it is, only cares if I graduate college, get a job, pay the bills, and am a good person. That's not too much to ask is it?

Onto my sockapalooza socks. . . .OMFG THEY'RE STARTED!!!!! Yep, I finally chose a yarn, spring something by Fearless Fibers. Beautiful yarn!!!!! It's soft and the pattern of the Genevieves look great. The first picture below is of the sock earlier today while I was out waiting with Mac for a FedEx package. The one below that is a picture from about 8:30 this evening. I sat in my bedroom with Mac with the window open listening to the thunderstorm outside. I LOVE thunderstorms. . .and snow. =)

OOOOO and by the way, these new socks count for Summer of Socks! It's started!!!


DoctorShoot said...

keep knitting and happy solstice.

hope you get time to read some of my work at my blog.

AndreaLea said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)
I'm in Iowa City. Go Hawks!

LotusKnits said...

Love that colorway and sock pattern!

And Jewish Pagan? That's pretty cool!

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