Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finished Genevieves. . . .

I finished these lastnight while watching more of the original Star Tek series, season 2. I hate the fact that they stopped it after 3 seasons. =( Anyways, the yarn used in the socks is Gypsy Girl Yarns in colourway "Winter Solstice." I really love the pattern, but am thinking of making it taller on the calves. I'll post the pattern soon. =)

I also have one of the Hawkeye socks done and the second one is almost to turning the heel. Yay!!!!
I also bought Lana Grossa in a blueish colourway.

Yep, this is a short entry. . . .


~*~Anna~*~ said...

Nice socks. Hey, the socks I just finished are Lana Grossa's in a bluish colorway. You didn't buy the same one, did you?

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