Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sock Evolution & NFL Draft

Here is the evolution of my sock knitting (some of it anyways). I finished my first sock in October of 2006, hahaha yeah not so long ago. Since then I've become addicted to the craft and haven't stopped. These pictures go from the first pair with a few inbetweeb to the most recently knit or still on the sticks, those would be my Hawkeye socks from Lorna Laces.

Here are two more of my early socks. The blue one has lacing in it, but it's really hard to see.

Below are my first pair of taller socks. I finished these while watching the UCS vs Notre Dame game right after Thanksgiving. Love these socks. Didn't realise until later that they were USC colours. . . these were knit on size 3 needles as were the others above. . .

Below is my first pair of socks on size 2 needles. These are also my first Koigu socks. Soft and cuddly. Love em!

Below are two misc socks that still need mates. The Gypsy Girl on (turquoise & green)'s mate is in the works as is the pink merino one.

Ohio State & Wisconsin, what a pair. The Wisconsin one (cardinal & white) is for my sister & I still need to knit the other. The Scarlett & grey one is for my mom & the mate is just being started.

Then there are my new Lorna Lace's Bee Stripe socks (aka my Hawkeye socks). These are my first socks on size 1 needles. I am using the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern, like I used on the size 2 needle socks above. Love the pattern!

NFL draft, yay. That time again this year. I of course am watching it to see where my boys will be headed next year. Joe Thomas was drafted by the Cleveland Brown. (That's a pic of Joe & I from this year). He was picked 3rd in the first round, not bad.

And I think the Browns wasted a good pick on Brady Quinn. . . .not even gonna go there.
Oh and 11 days left!!!


Knittyknitter said...

Pretty soon, we should do sock galleries. that would be cool. Ill need to get my mom to lend me her sock so i can take a pic of it (how did i forget to take a finally pic??)

I'm getting tired of the small gauge with my sweater-tee... but I looooove the stretch. I was thinking i should maybe use the green yarn I bought (pic on blog earlier) for socks. Who doesn't love stretchy socks. The only thing i don't like about the socks i've made is how the anklet part doesn't stretch like store-bought socks. Yup-- i should knit socks with elastic... even if I don't use the green yarn. I saw some choices (although small stranded) at hobbylobby a while back.

Man am I getting off on a tangent. Back to blogging!

p.s- is it my imagination, or is one of the sock's ribbing/anklet part longer than the other in the first pic?

KnittingHawkeye said...

Yes the ribbing is longer on one of them
hehehe oh well
we should do sock galleries, would be fun
you need to knit with sock yarn, specific yarns have elastic & nylon in them so they stretch & retract & they last longer

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