Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blonde Roots & Socks

Okay so I went & got my roots done because they were really starting to show. Disney is neurotic about things like that. I spent an hour & a half waiting for Denise to slip me in because apparently the ladies this morning forgot to mention that they had scheduled me for tomorrow & not today. grrrr! Anyways, I had fun tho, I got even farther on my mom's sock, which can be seen below. it now looks more like a sock than a mitten, don't ask. So, I was sitting there knitting & listening to my iPod, life wasn't hottible. I was also cleared by health services, so I will be going back to costuming on Friday. I actually miss it. =/

I hand-washed my wool socks earlier & laid them flat to dry. You might notice that there is only one green/aqua sock. I am currently knitting the second one for my roommate Cristina. I promised to knit all 4 of my roommates socks. . . . hehe yay! They mainly like my yarn. I highly suggest you check out her yarns, they are hand painted & gorgeous colours. They have the same texture as Koigu.

Sunday my parents come & I have 29 days left in Florida!!!!!! I so miss the Midwest, , , as I will continue to say until I leave this vacation hole.
It's not horrible considering it keeps raining, which I like. But it's still hot & muggy EEEWWWW!!!!! I want SNOW!
I take that back! It's STORMING OUT!!!!!!!


Knittyknitter said...

Thanks :) I sang all the time though... didn't you hear that annoying opera noise pouring through the wall??

Wait... did I read it right??... someone one is going to knit MEEE something?!?!?!? Omg-- the world is turning upside down. It's not me knitting someone else something... i finally get something from someone else.

My head is spinning....

Knittyknitter said...

Well, it snowed all today.

Damn, everyone wants knitted stuff. I hate that. I think ill just teach everyone to knit. Ill leave my charity to charity. lol.

Knittyknitter said...

it's realllllly distorted. The volume kind of faded a little bit.. i think i was moving my hand a little bit and blocked the sound. The second youtube thing is more like the real quality. I have it on itunes, if you wanna hear a better one.

Knittyknitter said...

ha ha ha... "the world will never know..."

I'll show you when you get to iowa. its a lot of html code crap to say over this.

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