Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sprained Ankle & Yarn. . .

Strange title. . . I know.
Anyways, I was at work on modified duty aka light duty and I was walking back from pushing the wheelchairs back to the parking lot & tripped. I didn't fall, but I still twisted my ankle. I've already pissed off the people at modified duty because what they make me do causes pain, but whatever. So I spent most of my shift at health services. . . . .again. I can't wait for these last 30 days to be OVER!
Tonight I went back to Sip&Knit for the knit together. It was fun, we talked about movies, airplanes, etc. I love knitting in a group, you don't feel so alone. I also went shopping. . . . which so figures. I FINALLY bought some mohair! Here is the skein below, it is 490 yards & was $12! Not bad eh?

I also bought this skein of Mountain Colors in Ruby River. My mom loves red & I owe her big time!

I also bought some Lantern Moon Sox Stix in blondewood. These are beautifully made dpns. I keep breaking the brittany where they are stamped. The stamp causes them to weaken faster. The Lantern Moon dpns aren't stamped so I hope they'll last a lot longer. Plus, they were $21 so they better!


Knittyknitter said...

You owe me big time, are you going to buy me yarn now??? lol. :)

Knittyknitter said...

If I could go back in time, and steal ideas, and get enought money to open a shop... I would name it "sip & knit" too. That's the best name for a shop ever!
Oh man, it reminds me of my favorite knitting mysteries:
"knit one, kill two"
"Needled to death"
"A Deadly Yarn"

You should read them. They are really good.

KnittingHawkeye said...

Yeah, it's a really cool shop. Small, but adorable. Doni has sooo many different kinds of yarn that I can't find in Iowa or Illinois. =)
I'll find something for you, blah!
btw, the mohair will probably end up being a shawl for mymom & obviously another pair of socks hehe
I gave you yarn!!!!

Knittyknitter said...

I was just kidding

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