Sunday, April 15, 2007

1 sock done, 1 to go. . . .parents coming!!! AND new sweater. . . .

In my last post I said it was raining. Well, two of my roommates, Cristina & Melissa & I went outside & ran around in the rain. . . . it was sooo much fun! Here is a pic of me after coming back in. I am obviously being a dumbass. There is also a pic from the storm today, which unfortunately my parents maybe driving in right at this moment. That reminds me. . .MY PARENTS ARE ARRIVING TODAY WITH MY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! Yep!!! I am off today, tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday & part of Thursday!!! I am finally getting my spring break! hahahahahaha!!! The sun is frying my brain. . . .

I finished the first of my mom's Ohio State socks. I'm not sure if I really actually care if they match. . . .I think I may just cast on again & have fraturnal twin socks. Like my mom actually cares. . . There is a pic of the sock being made after I finished the heel & a pic of the finished sock with the rest of the skein.

Sooo my friend Anna, aka KnittyKnitter ( designs patterns & has a pattern called -$5 in Paris. . . .well I didn't buy stuff under $5 so I'm not sure it counts. The yarn I bought, which is DK weight & %45 cotton & %55 acrylic, should do the trick. Each skein was around 6.75 or something. It's nifty because it's tweed. So anyways, I've cast on for that sweater & will hopefully work on it sometime soon. Maybe this summer when I'm back in Iowa.


Knittyknitter said...

You didn't have to spend 5 dollars... it was named that because I couldn't spend more than 10 dollars (knitting challenge). I skipped around saying i did it in only 5.

P.S-- i really like your colors. Everything goes with black though... ha ha. Is this your first pinkish garment?

p.s- you're going all zoolander in that pic. if you don't know what i mean... watch the movie. It's a must-see anyways. I'd say it's "blue steel?"

Knittyknitter said...

oh tisk... are those needles 10 1/2 or higher??????
I did a sweater on 11's... you need to make sure you wear a tanktop under it. It's a little see through in the bust area, but nowhere else. Too bad it's not because the "girls" are really big. sad.

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