Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Knitting Group, Baby Blanket & No new roommate. . .

Okay, sooo I finally went back to the yarn stores when they were open. It's amazing how that works! I bought some new dpns because I keep breaking mine. Stress is getting to me, thank god for knitting! At the one off exit 87, this will mean nothing to you, called Sip&Knit, they have a get together every Tuesday night from 6pm till 9. I went in, met Beth & Doni & bought some yarn (pictured below) and stayed for most of the evening. There were 5 of us & it was actually really fun. I also bought a pattern & addi circular needles for a baby blanket for my cousin Anna (FINALLY started it). My dad's youngest brother, my Uncle Ricky, 42, & his wife my Aunt Elaine, 36, finally decided to have a kid. Sooo I now have ANOTHER cousin on my dad's side. She makes 15 cousins. Anyways, she was born in either November or December & I had promised to knit her a blanket. . . .it's April. . . .here it is below, along with the yarn. I am using size 9 addis with Plymouth's FantasyNaturale 100% Cotton mercerized. It's actually knitting up pretty quick.

Below is more yarn I bought. . . .the bright red is Koigu. It's mymom's favourite colour. . . so it maybe socks for her or my sister because it is also one of Wisconsin's colours. It'll probably end up being another pair of socks for my mom. Jen always wants something more complicated & elegant. blah! hehehehe. . . The orange is ArtYarn merino. Pretty eh?

Here is my progress on my mom's Ohio State socks. YES I know they lost lastnight, but that doesn't mean I can't have a soft spot for the Buckeyes. DAMN YOU FLORIDA!!! I hate the entire state and everything in it, except the animals of course. =)

As it says in the title, I was supposed to get a new roommate, but she didn't show up today. They never seem to show up when they're supposed to. . . . . .oh well *sigh*


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