Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitting Group. . . . .yarn, stash. . . socks. . .

I have always been intrigued by hand dying yarn. I tried it once with kool-aid and it was cool, but the yarn got screwed up and ended up in the trash. I went today & bought some Patons Merino & some fabric dye just for the heck of it. Below are pics of the yarn in a hank and also in the bowl of dye. I didn't take a pic of it after being rinsed, I will tomorrow. It came out in an olive tone when it was supposed to be turquoise-esc. . . oh well.

Next! I went to the Tuesday knitting get together at Sip&Knit, the adorable knitting shop down in Winter Park. I will say it again. . . wool in Florida, who would have thought? Well I had a blast!!! There was a larger group today than had been there either of the other times I was there. I finally took my camera & took pics. Below is Beth, she's a Longhorn. . . yes, a Texas Longhorn (we won't go there hehehehe =P) She's a sweetheart. She moved to Florida a year ago this past January. She's engaged to a Jewish Bostonian, which is adorable & funny at the same time. =)

Then we have Liz, the native blonde Floridian, teaching Doni, the shop owner, how to double-knit. This is a skill I still need to learn. . . right now I'm still working on socks. Tomorrow is Liz's birthday, poor thing is turning 21. There goes the fun of alcohol out the window =P eh, probably not nevermind. =)

There was also Robin from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was visiting for the week. She's an awesome knitter, she also knits a lot of socks. . .ahhhh kin! She was really talented. She is in the navy, I believe, and always looks up local yarn shops in the area she is visiting. How cool is that? She's in the orange Oklahoma State shirt. =)

Then there is the Minnesotan, Shauna/Shawna, only 2 ways I know how to spell the name. She's lived in Orlando for 15 years. She was not 7 when she moved here either. I just hope I age as well as she has. She also has 2 kids!!! Yeah! damnit LoL She had me cracking up the entire time I was there. I didn't take any pics of myself because I was beet red from laughing! Good times, good times!

I of course was knitting my socks. . . the second Hawkeye Lorna Laces sock is underway, thank goodness. No more second sock syndrome for me! well, maybe. . . also! I enhanced my stash again *sigh* I really need to go into rehab for my yarn buying addiction. . . .HELP! I'll take pics tomorrow of the yarn.


LotusKnits said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Looks like you're having lots of knitting fun. Let me know what colorways you'd like and I'll dye some up for you! You can email me at lotusknits@gmail.com :)

Knittyknitter said...

hmmm, i tried kool-aid dying a long time ago... a year maybe? Let's just say there are two very important details that you MUST know before dying (that you probably already figured out):
1. make sure you unravel the yarn and wind it around two (yard apart, or whatever) poles and tie each section with strings. This will make sure that the yarn DOES NOT GET TANGLED... like my yarn did! omg, it was a family event to untangle the wet skein of yarn!

2. make sure you give the wool a good loooooooong soak first. Don't cheat the yarn a good bath, like I did. If you don't, the wool won't soak up the dye evenly.

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