Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sock Evolution & NFL Draft

Here is the evolution of my sock knitting (some of it anyways). I finished my first sock in October of 2006, hahaha yeah not so long ago. Since then I've become addicted to the craft and haven't stopped. These pictures go from the first pair with a few inbetweeb to the most recently knit or still on the sticks, those would be my Hawkeye socks from Lorna Laces.

Here are two more of my early socks. The blue one has lacing in it, but it's really hard to see.

Below are my first pair of taller socks. I finished these while watching the UCS vs Notre Dame game right after Thanksgiving. Love these socks. Didn't realise until later that they were USC colours. . . these were knit on size 3 needles as were the others above. . .

Below is my first pair of socks on size 2 needles. These are also my first Koigu socks. Soft and cuddly. Love em!

Below are two misc socks that still need mates. The Gypsy Girl on (turquoise & green)'s mate is in the works as is the pink merino one.

Ohio State & Wisconsin, what a pair. The Wisconsin one (cardinal & white) is for my sister & I still need to knit the other. The Scarlett & grey one is for my mom & the mate is just being started.

Then there are my new Lorna Lace's Bee Stripe socks (aka my Hawkeye socks). These are my first socks on size 1 needles. I am using the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern, like I used on the size 2 needle socks above. Love the pattern!

NFL draft, yay. That time again this year. I of course am watching it to see where my boys will be headed next year. Joe Thomas was drafted by the Cleveland Brown. (That's a pic of Joe & I from this year). He was picked 3rd in the first round, not bad.

And I think the Browns wasted a good pick on Brady Quinn. . . .not even gonna go there.
Oh and 11 days left!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beer and knitting. . . what a combination

I may not be a Hokie, but I am a college student. This has really hit home for Hawkeyes because we had a similar situation back in 1991. 5 people were shot and killed on our campus and 1 was paralyzed from the arms down. Tuesday we also had a bomb threat in one of our buildings, so there was a lock down of 2 of the buildings. The University of Iowa board has also revised the safety policies. This kind of shit shouldn't happen, EVER. Please help the Mosaic Yarn Shop in their efforts to help comfort the victims and victims' families. Thanks!

Crocheted squares are welcome and appreciated as well.

Color choices for squares: Maroon, Burnt Orange, White, Black

Please knit or crochet squares out of the nicest, softest yarn you can afford.

Please mail squares to:
Mosaic Yarn Shop
880 University City Blvd.
Blacksburg, Va

Thank You to all participants!
The staff of Mosaic

On another note: I have also been working on my Hawkeye socks. I just had to take this pic. . . . . just for the hell of it

I promised a picture of my new stash enhancement. . . .here it is, enjoy!

OH YES ALMOST FORGOT! EXACTLY 2 WEEKS LEFT UNTIL I GO HOME TO THE MIDWEST!!!!!!!!!!!! *waits for the cheers from the peanut gallery*
I hope it goes fast, I got home yesterday and couldn't leave my bed I was sooo tired. . . =/

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitting Group. . . . .yarn, stash. . . socks. . .

I have always been intrigued by hand dying yarn. I tried it once with kool-aid and it was cool, but the yarn got screwed up and ended up in the trash. I went today & bought some Patons Merino & some fabric dye just for the heck of it. Below are pics of the yarn in a hank and also in the bowl of dye. I didn't take a pic of it after being rinsed, I will tomorrow. It came out in an olive tone when it was supposed to be turquoise-esc. . . oh well.

Next! I went to the Tuesday knitting get together at Sip&Knit, the adorable knitting shop down in Winter Park. I will say it again. . . wool in Florida, who would have thought? Well I had a blast!!! There was a larger group today than had been there either of the other times I was there. I finally took my camera & took pics. Below is Beth, she's a Longhorn. . . yes, a Texas Longhorn (we won't go there hehehehe =P) She's a sweetheart. She moved to Florida a year ago this past January. She's engaged to a Jewish Bostonian, which is adorable & funny at the same time. =)

Then we have Liz, the native blonde Floridian, teaching Doni, the shop owner, how to double-knit. This is a skill I still need to learn. . . right now I'm still working on socks. Tomorrow is Liz's birthday, poor thing is turning 21. There goes the fun of alcohol out the window =P eh, probably not nevermind. =)

There was also Robin from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was visiting for the week. She's an awesome knitter, she also knits a lot of socks. . .ahhhh kin! She was really talented. She is in the navy, I believe, and always looks up local yarn shops in the area she is visiting. How cool is that? She's in the orange Oklahoma State shirt. =)

Then there is the Minnesotan, Shauna/Shawna, only 2 ways I know how to spell the name. She's lived in Orlando for 15 years. She was not 7 when she moved here either. I just hope I age as well as she has. She also has 2 kids!!! Yeah! damnit LoL She had me cracking up the entire time I was there. I didn't take any pics of myself because I was beet red from laughing! Good times, good times!

I of course was knitting my socks. . . the second Hawkeye Lorna Laces sock is underway, thank goodness. No more second sock syndrome for me! well, maybe. . . also! I enhanced my stash again *sigh* I really need to go into rehab for my yarn buying addiction. . . .HELP! I'll take pics tomorrow of the yarn.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parents, Mac, Disney, Virginia Tech

My parents came. . . .and technically they are here until tomorrow morning. We had a lot of fun going to Sea World, Epcot, out to dinner, saw what parade I work on, etc. We also got my class work done so I could turn it in today. I was really depressed when they first came because my mom broke down and told me the truth about the past week. My dog, MacKintosh Apple Computer aka "Mac" had eaten something toxic and was in the puppy icu for 3 days straight! At first they thought he wasn't going to make it, but by the end of their visit he was back to normal. I already miss him. Below are some pics from their visit. I spent half of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday with them. They brought the motorhome down & stayed at Fort Wilderness. Some nights I went back & stayed in my apartment & some nights I spent there. We had a great time. Today we went to Epcot & ate at Morocco. I've actually been to the country, but it was only for a day. I didn't go very far into it tho, which sucks. We also visited & ate at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Pizzeria Uno and the Cheesecake Factory.
The pictures with my parents and I were taken on the Magic Kingdom train that goes all the way around the park. That day I took them to see which parade I work. They loved it! It made me feel better because most of the characters recognized me & winked or waved at me. It was a lot of fun. I also got to do some school work I had been putting off. Unfortunately this was on Monday the 16th.

As a college student, I would just like to say that no one deserves to go like the students and faculty at Virginia Tech. Every college student stood together for one day and we were all Hokies. My prays are with the victims and their families. May they find peace in time.

Let's get to some umm stuff. . .
My mom grew up in Japan, my grandpa was a colonol in Vietnam. She lived there 9 years, including high school. Sooo everytime we go to Epcot, we end up going to Japan. I bought some nifty socks today just for the hell of it. Green is my favourite colour, so that'll explain that.

I also started another new sock. . .shut up. . .this was the other day. This is actually an experiment because it's being knit with size 1 dpns. I usually use size 2, but thought I would try out my lantern moon size 1s I bought last week. The yarn is my Lorna Laces bee Stripe sock yarn. The only reason I have it is because it's Hawkeye colours, hell yeah!

My parents are also taking half my stuff back to Illinois/Iowa for me so it'll be easier in 3 weeks when my mom flies down & we drive back up. This should make it much easier to move out instead of dragging everything back with me. . . .this means my stash is on it's way back up to the Midwest without me & my cloest is close to empty. . .how sad. . . .

Sunday, April 15, 2007

1 sock done, 1 to go. . . .parents coming!!! AND new sweater. . . .

In my last post I said it was raining. Well, two of my roommates, Cristina & Melissa & I went outside & ran around in the rain. . . . it was sooo much fun! Here is a pic of me after coming back in. I am obviously being a dumbass. There is also a pic from the storm today, which unfortunately my parents maybe driving in right at this moment. That reminds me. . .MY PARENTS ARE ARRIVING TODAY WITH MY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! Yep!!! I am off today, tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday & part of Thursday!!! I am finally getting my spring break! hahahahahaha!!! The sun is frying my brain. . . .

I finished the first of my mom's Ohio State socks. I'm not sure if I really actually care if they match. . . .I think I may just cast on again & have fraturnal twin socks. Like my mom actually cares. . . There is a pic of the sock being made after I finished the heel & a pic of the finished sock with the rest of the skein.

Sooo my friend Anna, aka KnittyKnitter ( designs patterns & has a pattern called -$5 in Paris. . . .well I didn't buy stuff under $5 so I'm not sure it counts. The yarn I bought, which is DK weight & %45 cotton & %55 acrylic, should do the trick. Each skein was around 6.75 or something. It's nifty because it's tweed. So anyways, I've cast on for that sweater & will hopefully work on it sometime soon. Maybe this summer when I'm back in Iowa.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blonde Roots & Socks

Okay so I went & got my roots done because they were really starting to show. Disney is neurotic about things like that. I spent an hour & a half waiting for Denise to slip me in because apparently the ladies this morning forgot to mention that they had scheduled me for tomorrow & not today. grrrr! Anyways, I had fun tho, I got even farther on my mom's sock, which can be seen below. it now looks more like a sock than a mitten, don't ask. So, I was sitting there knitting & listening to my iPod, life wasn't hottible. I was also cleared by health services, so I will be going back to costuming on Friday. I actually miss it. =/

I hand-washed my wool socks earlier & laid them flat to dry. You might notice that there is only one green/aqua sock. I am currently knitting the second one for my roommate Cristina. I promised to knit all 4 of my roommates socks. . . . hehe yay! They mainly like my yarn. I highly suggest you check out her yarns, they are hand painted & gorgeous colours. They have the same texture as Koigu.

Sunday my parents come & I have 29 days left in Florida!!!!!! I so miss the Midwest, , , as I will continue to say until I leave this vacation hole.
It's not horrible considering it keeps raining, which I like. But it's still hot & muggy EEEWWWW!!!!! I want SNOW!
I take that back! It's STORMING OUT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sprained Ankle & Yarn. . .

Strange title. . . I know.
Anyways, I was at work on modified duty aka light duty and I was walking back from pushing the wheelchairs back to the parking lot & tripped. I didn't fall, but I still twisted my ankle. I've already pissed off the people at modified duty because what they make me do causes pain, but whatever. So I spent most of my shift at health services. . . . .again. I can't wait for these last 30 days to be OVER!
Tonight I went back to Sip&Knit for the knit together. It was fun, we talked about movies, airplanes, etc. I love knitting in a group, you don't feel so alone. I also went shopping. . . . which so figures. I FINALLY bought some mohair! Here is the skein below, it is 490 yards & was $12! Not bad eh?

I also bought this skein of Mountain Colors in Ruby River. My mom loves red & I owe her big time!

I also bought some Lantern Moon Sox Stix in blondewood. These are beautifully made dpns. I keep breaking the brittany where they are stamped. The stamp causes them to weaken faster. The Lantern Moon dpns aren't stamped so I hope they'll last a lot longer. Plus, they were $21 so they better!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Baby Blankets. . . . .

Here is the baby blanket I started on Tuesday. I'm about to start the 3rd skein. I think it's coming along pretty well, there are a few mistakes, but no one notices except me. I am loving this pattern. It's easy and elegant! I can't to finish it and give it to my aunt & uncle. =)

A friend of mines daughter had a premature baby. TJ is 3 months premature, so I have started a preemie set for him. Here is the blanket below. It is half the size of the other baby blanket I'm working on. I hope they like it. The pattern is also more simple so it knits faster. It's my own pattern. =)

LESS THAN 7 DAYS UNTIL MY PARENTS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also 33 days until I leave Florida!!!!! I seriously can't wait to get back to the Midwest! It's fine to come here for vacation, but not to live. =/
I also hurt myself during my modified duty today, no idea how but my leg REALLY hurts!
ALSO!!!!! My friend Earl is home from the hospital!!!! Isn't that wonderful!!! I really really really hope he comes back to work before I leave. I miss him so much!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Knitting Group, Baby Blanket & No new roommate. . .

Okay, sooo I finally went back to the yarn stores when they were open. It's amazing how that works! I bought some new dpns because I keep breaking mine. Stress is getting to me, thank god for knitting! At the one off exit 87, this will mean nothing to you, called Sip&Knit, they have a get together every Tuesday night from 6pm till 9. I went in, met Beth & Doni & bought some yarn (pictured below) and stayed for most of the evening. There were 5 of us & it was actually really fun. I also bought a pattern & addi circular needles for a baby blanket for my cousin Anna (FINALLY started it). My dad's youngest brother, my Uncle Ricky, 42, & his wife my Aunt Elaine, 36, finally decided to have a kid. Sooo I now have ANOTHER cousin on my dad's side. She makes 15 cousins. Anyways, she was born in either November or December & I had promised to knit her a blanket. . . .it's April. . . .here it is below, along with the yarn. I am using size 9 addis with Plymouth's FantasyNaturale 100% Cotton mercerized. It's actually knitting up pretty quick.

Below is more yarn I bought. . . .the bright red is Koigu. It's mymom's favourite colour. . . so it maybe socks for her or my sister because it is also one of Wisconsin's colours. It'll probably end up being another pair of socks for my mom. Jen always wants something more complicated & elegant. blah! hehehehe. . . The orange is ArtYarn merino. Pretty eh?

Here is my progress on my mom's Ohio State socks. YES I know they lost lastnight, but that doesn't mean I can't have a soft spot for the Buckeyes. DAMN YOU FLORIDA!!! I hate the entire state and everything in it, except the animals of course. =)

As it says in the title, I was supposed to get a new roommate, but she didn't show up today. They never seem to show up when they're supposed to. . . . . .oh well *sigh*

Monday, April 2, 2007

Stash Perged & new socks. . .

Okay first off, I FINALLY went through my entire stash. I dragged it all down here to Florida with me. How pathetic eh? Anyways, sooo I put it in seperate bags by 3 subjects: sock yarn, wool yarn non-sock & other materials non sock. I also threw away some yarns I wasn't going to use. There is still a lot of yarn, but it's better organized now.
I also threw out the sock & yarn I was working on for Melissa because my hands just couldn't handle it. So today after going through my stash I found this Jojoland yarn I got off eBay. It's funky coloured & should do fine. =)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Socks and Sun....wool and warm weather?

I LOVE this cable design. It's simple enough to put on a sock. I was thinking of putting it on my mom's Ohio State socks I started today. It's out of Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2. I suggest everyone buy these books, they are wonderful!

I have been working on Melissa's socks. I HATE THIS YARN! This is Lion Brand's sock yarn. It is sooooo dry that I keep having to use lotion after everytime I knit with it. This is exactly the reason I don't use cheap yarn or really any yarn that isn't from a real yarn store. The socks are coming along alright. I'm actually kind of shocked that I'm almost about to turn the heel. Funny eh?

Here is the beginning of my mom's Ohio State socks. This is Austermann sock yarn. It is made with aloe vera in it, so my hands don't dry out unlike with the Lion Brand. The colours are of Ohio State & both my parents are Buckeyes. Woohoo! O H. . . . I O!!! I made my mom a different pair of socks, but amazingly my mom somehow ripped a hole in one of them.

Here is what it looked like today. . . . sunny eh?

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