Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ahh. . .Holiday Knitting. . .

Yes, I said it. It's July and I have until Thanksgiving to finish all of my projects. Most people will be receiving socks or a hat. My dad will hopefully be receiving a sweater and socks. We shall see if that is a little over ambitious for me. Below is a picture of most of the sock yarn that hopefully by November will be in the actual shape of socks. We shall see.
The red Sparkly yarn (Tempted Glam Girl inRoxanne) is for my mom, the green STR being knit into Brigid's is for my sister, the purple and yellow (spunky eclectic) is for my grandma, the yellow is for my grandpa, the Numma Numma is for my brother, the pink is for my brother's girlfriend, and the other green ones ended up being for me. Not pictured: boy's STR in Lucy in the Sky in mediumweight, dad's sweater, and cascade heritage that is still in the mail.

Here is a close up of the Toasty and Glam Girl yarns. This was my first order from

Below we have three beautiful balls of merino/mohair blend fiber from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club. It;s beautiful when it's in a ball, but when I drafted it and started spinning it, YUCK. The balls of fiber are not the same and it looks bad being spun because the colors don't blend well. =( So sad, such soft fiber too.

Sign-ups for the next MacKintosh Yarns Sock Club are up in my etsy store. This is limited to 25 members. The sign-up will be up until August. Thank-you!


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