Sunday, July 6, 2008

And the Dying Begins. . .

I have over a month until Stitches Midwest, but it would be nice to get the dying done this month. It hasn't been as stressful as last year's because I now have my Fricke and I've cut down on how many variegating yarns I produce.
Below is today's dying. We have Sex Kitten and Camo Girl. I'm starting with 5 of each colourway and then moving up when I know how many skeins I have total. I am only taking two base yarns this year, Celtic and Woodland. My Woodland yarn is on it's way here. I am also going to be trying a lace weight soon.

I have been experimenting with the roving I have. I've finally made the decision to dye it. Oh fun. . . LoL

I have put Boy to work. I showed him how to work the Fricke, how many yards go in each skein, how to tie the yarn and where to place it. Below is most of his progress. Impressive eh? These skeins are just waiting to be dyed.

I frogged the other toe up sock for multiple reasons:
1. I didn't like the colour.
2. I didn't like the non-existent pooling
3. While working on run-crew we only have black lights backstage and the dark yarn made me think I was going blind.
I started over on Friday with Hazel Knits Artisan Yarn in High ocTANG. I'm liking how this is coming out. Some of the heel stitches are looser than I'd like, but oh well. Next time. It's more snug than my cuff down socks and because I wear a size 10 1/2 to 11, I'm always afraid of running out of yarn. Not anymore. =P

OOOO and I'm off until next Friday. YAY!!!!


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Looks really good.
I can't wait until the fiber fair this year! It feels so far away!

Yeah, Joe had to help me a couple of times with my clubs. He was interested...but you know he'd rather watch tv instead. lol.

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