Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yay yarn. . .

My life has been dying, sleeping, eating, and more dying. Below is a colourway that I made for Stitches this year. It's called Cocoa Swirl.

Below is a sample of my new lace weight, 45% merino, 55% silk. The colourway is Witching Hour. I like how it's come out so far. It contains 900 yards each skein. I have yet to come up with a price though.

We have my mom's sock. The yarn is Tempted Glam Girl in Roxanne. I'm not really liking how it's knitting up, it has a felted look to it. I assume thats from the silk content.

More holiday knitting. My dad's socks will be knit out of my Wollmeise Amazonas. The cotton will be knit into dish cloths for my grandma, if and when I get to them. I have 3 skeins.

I will also finish the second Ohio State sock for my dad. I knit the first one over a year ago. . . .


AndreaLea said...

Love the Cocoa Swirl colorway!

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