Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate being sick. . .

I had a sore throat on Wednesday because of my post nasal drip. I knew thats what caused it, but when I woke up yesterday I felt like I was dying. I could barely move and was coughing up a storm. I called my dad and told him what is wrong, I also looked up the symptoms of a sinus infection and it at times fit the bill. I'm taking cough syrup, my dad prescribed me and bactrim for now. I'm going to be checked out today at 1:30. The sucky thing is that I still have to work run crew. Last night I was released early because I was so sick and I have been excused from working the rest of the weekend because I received a doctors note. Oh! And on top of being sick, I have a cold sore on my upper lip also. Life is so grand, isn't it? Boy has been helping me by getting food and cleaning the apartment while I'm ill. It is greatly appreciated. This morning I woke up and was losing my voice.
I finished my first pair of toe ups and to be honest, I like it more compared to cuff down because the socks hug my foot better. I also have had a problem with the heel of my cuff down socks slipping while walking. These socks turned out gorgeous!

I also started Boy's second attempt at socks. The first sock pictured below is actually finished, but because I'm sick, I haven't had the energy to cast on the second. He really likes the first one and it fits perfectly. I knit most of it during run crew, so knowing it fits perfectly feels awesome!

I bought 3 skeins of yarn from It finally came today. The yarn is gorgeous and soft. I love her yarn base. I bought it in Green Elve, Dark Elve and Raptors Tower. I can't wait to cast on with it. =) She also added another skein in with the package. It's super soft superwash merino. Love it!

Below is a picture of all of the finished yarn I've dyed so far. Unfortunately, dying has come to a halt because of my illness. I hope to resume shortly, or when I don't feel like I'm coughing up my insides everytime. I doubt I'm contagious, but we'll see.


Karen S said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are ill... there's nothing worse (in my mind). I really hope you get better soon. Will send lots of healing thoughts!

Love the socks and the yarn!

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