Thursday, July 3, 2008


I finally took another step in my yarn business and purchased printed cards instead of printing bands. The bands were becoming expensive and took forever! This way all I have to do is write (hoping soon print) the colourway names on the cards. Below are pictures of them. Tell me what you think?

A close up.

I have started my first EVER toe up sock. Yes, I am a sad one. I've been knitting socks for quite a while and never could figure out the whole toe up thing. =/ I used This Tutorial and used it for the toe and will also use it for the heel. This is the easiest and most understandable way to do short rows for me. It's in plain english. . .thankfully! The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet. I'm not very fond of how the yarn is pooling, or not pooling, but oh well. I've started it and might as well finish it.

I have also added to my stash, like I need more yarn. I bought another skein of Hazel Knits yarns because the stuff is just addicting! I also purchased some Cascade Heritage. I've read great reviews about it and had to try it myself. Everyone knows that when you buy a skein of yarn in a solid, you need to buy another skein. I ended up with 4. =/

Below is a picture of 12 of my new colourways that are currently up in the shop. the colourways will remain at least until Stitches Midwest is over. I will be helping Toni at The Fold again and my yarns will also be for sale at her booth. Thanks Toni!


Karen S said...

It looks brilliant!!! A very good idea, I'm sure.
And the yarn looks gorgeous!


janna said...

Let us know what you think of toe-up/short-row socks. I'm okay at short row heels, but don't enjoy the toes. And for some reason, I just seem to like cuff-down knitting better.

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