Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling Better. . .

I am finally feeling better and my cold sore is almost completely gone. Everything else is healing up nicely. I was excused for the first week of performances for Fuddy Meers and just laid around and let Boy do most things. =P I did it for him back in December. He was great about going and getting food, drinks, etc. So sweet of him. =) I am done with run-crew now!!!!! CELEBRATE!!
Boy is back in New Jersey for two weeks and I miss him terribly. It's amazing how I got so used to him being around.
But it's not all bad, this is what I woke up to yesterday. Cute eh?

I haven't really been knitting much lately because I just wasn't in the mood while being sick. It kind of sucked because now I feel behind in my plans of holiday knitting and marina's socks, etc.
Below are Boy's socks. I finally started the second one. it's a really easy knit, I just have to force myself to do it.

I also started a plain vanilla toe-up for myself in my yarn. The colourway is Raptor's Tower. I think she may play World of Warcraft. . .

I also need some help. I don't like the yarn i originally chose for my mom's socks. Help me! Below are some selections I;ve come up with. One is a handspun given to me by Sarah of, one is STR lightweight in Knitters without borders, the other is Cascade Heritage. Which do you think?

I also need some help choosing here also. I hate the Lion Brand sock yarn. it's horrible! I pulled some other yarns for my brother's gf Alicia. She lovespink. The skein in the back is some I dyed up and named after her WoW character, the self striping is Vesper yarn and the pink is Koigu that I was about to get rid of. Which do you guys think I should use?

And this is what I fell asleep to after I dragged out all of the yarn and knitting. . .yeah, the face says it all.


jennifersm said...

Glad you're feeling better! I vote for the handspun for your mom and the yarn you dyed for your brother's gf (although I made myself socks out of the same Vesper sock yarn and they're great, too).

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