Sunday, June 29, 2008

44 1/2 Hours

In the last week and a half, I have spent 44 1/2 hours working on run-crew. I spent last weekend working on it and then had a day off. Then on Tuesday we started again and have been going since today. We had a matinée today. I now have three days off for knitting, sleeping, and dying. Yay! I have finished a couple of projects, finally.
Below are 8 out of the 15 new colourways in my new collection.
We have (left to right) Seedling, Bamboo, Taurus, Witching Hour, Artery, Reef, Mist, and Senka. More Colourways to come.

I finally picked up boy's hat and finished it. It only needed the decreases to be finished. He really likes it and it fits well.

Today during the performance I finished the second of my Hedgerow socks. The pattern is great and easy, but after a while it just becomes droning and boring. The socks came out beautiful and I love how the Hazel Knits yarn in Lime Granita looks.

Soo, everyone is raving about some silver sock yarn. The other day while at my LYS, I picked up the skein of Kraemer yarn again and decided to buy it. The owner has had the yarn for quite a while, it's an undyed skein. I brought it home and automatically dyed it. I love green, if you hadn't noticed. I don't know what it will be yet, but I'm looking for patterns. it's not as soft as I would like, but oh well. Let's see if it's really worth buying a dyed skein for $30.

OOO and the flooding is finally going down enough for my roads to be open again. Coralville and the arts campus of the University of Iowa are both disasters, but at least my roads are open!


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