Monday, June 9, 2008

More Rain and flooding. . .

Below is a picture from Thursday before Boy and I went to Rockford for the weekend. Yeah, more roads are closed in Iowa City. I have only one way to get to highway 6 from my apartment and it happens to be a long and winding detour that goes way out of the way. It kind of sucks.

While we were in Rockford I took him to Burpee Museum of Natural History, the home of the most complete juvenile T-Rex, Jane. She is only 60 miles from Sue in Chicago. It's great. He really liked her.

Below is also one of their other projects, a juvenile Triceratops named Homer. They also found a Stegosaurus and something else to work on.

I have also been working on a pair of Hedgerow socks using my Hazel Knits yarn in Lime Granita. I'm really loving this yarn. It's soo soft and beautiful.

To finish this post off, my parents were in Serbia last week for my cousin's wedding. The only thing I requested was yarn. Below is the yarn that they found. The Marija is a wool/acrylic blend, St. George are cotton blends and the Mare is 100% silk.


Kim said...

Hi there! Thanks for friending me on Ravelry. My kiddos love the Burpee Museum, we go there quite often.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Glad you are being patient with the wait. I'm almost done with the pattern.

My life is too crazy. I just had another set of relatives come in from out of town...and I've also been pretty down lately (long stories. Yes, plural.). I'm doing something unique with the sock, and I just have to figure out the decreasing of the toes first. The pattern is already written up to that point.

I hope you're not in Iowa. Sucks, huh? I wonder how much they are going to raise the tuition price for this coming year now.

cindy said...

You came to mind when I heard about the terrible flooding. I hope your home is safe and sound.

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