Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're Alive. . .

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Last Wednesday, 2 days after getting back to Iowa City, Boy and I made the decision to leave again. I was afraid that Coralville would flood (which it did) and cut off our only exits to the highway. So, Boy and I returned to Rockford last Wednesday. It was a wise decision because the flood waters really rose on Thursday and crested on Saturday. I kept my eyes on the pictures on the internet and was shocked at what I saw. Luckily my apartment is on top of a hill away from from the waters, but as you can see below, the arts campus is flooded and that is at one side of the hill and the river is on the other side. I'm a theatre major and this is horrible to see all of the art buildings surrounded by water. These pictures were taken this evening.
Here is the Art Museum.

Rocky Shore, one of my exits from my neighborhood.

The new Fine Arts Building.

The Theatre Building.

You can see how far up the waters were when they crested.

Because we were "refugees" as my dad put it, we decided to join them this weekend and visit my grandparents in Columbus, Ohio. It was quite a weekend. . . . We left and arrived on Saturday after 9 hours of driving. After we unloaded the cars, put Harry in her cage and took the three dog out, my parents wanted to drive around and look at the suburb where my grandparents live. My grandma came with the 4 of us. On our way back down a main drag that goes by their house, my mom's cell began to ring and as my dad tried to find it, my mom saw a dog in the middle of the road walking towards us. It was Mac, yes my dog Mac. Somehow he had gotten past my grandpa and ran out of the house (I blame my grandpa because they have 2 doors, one onto the porch and one outside from the porch). Luckily it was all timing and we found him. I jumped out of the car while it was still moving and called his name. I grabbed my dog and got back into the car. It's kind of a blur right now because I still can't believe the irresponsibility of my grandpa. Seriously!! Mac is alright and we believe he was out looking for me. My parents then would only allow one of the 4 of us to take him out, etc.
The next day my parents took my grandparents to a brunch at Ohio State University Faculty Lounge for Father's Day and they dropped Boy and I off at Noodles to walk around and fend for ourselves. It was a good day. Finally Monday my dad took Boy and I to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It was great getting away from my grandparent's house for the day and spending it looking at animals, etc. We had tons of fun. We then left Ohio on Tuesday and went home. We were all happy to return. I love my grandparents, but over the past few years they have become more bitchy and picky about everything. Below are some pictures from the zoo.
The beautiful female Amur Tiger. (less than 400 left in the wild) =(

My Dad being bombarded by Laurikeets. This was fun feeding them.

And my dad conversing with a female gorilla. This was HILARIOUS!!! <3

That is all, thank-you soo much for everyone who asked if we were alright. Greatly appreciated. I am also going to be putting yarn in my etsy store up discounted prices so I can start my new line of colours.


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