Friday, January 11, 2008

Winners and I am alive!

The winners of the contest are:




Please e-mail your addresses to and I'll get your yarn in the mail for you. Thanks for contributing guys!!

I've been sick and busy and everything. Steve went home on the 3rd, so I'm a little depressed also. I have a little over 1 more week of holiday and I think I may spend it lying around my apartment moping and knitting. =/ Sounds like fun eh?


Unknown said...

plans are slow.

Compared to what I used to be... yes...I am getting fat. You haven't seen all the blub.

Anyways. What is going on with the Feb. sockclub?? This one is going to be different, since I don't have the yarn...and by the time I get back to Iowa, it will be almost Feb. Should we just plan on a march-along? They won't get to enjoy the valentine's pattern on schedule.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. The holidays was good. Nothing too exciting or different.
How was Steeeeeeeeve?

Did you know that I had two boyfriends (one right after another) called steve?

Unknown said...

glad you had fun.

Well, since you always send out the packages late, and I don't have the yarn yet, my deadline has to be pushed forward later than usual. Due the second week of Feb?
I need at least a week in a half to knit it up, tinker with the pattern and take pics and stuff.

Unknown said...

Just wondering when you wanna give me the yarn.
I've got 3 classes until 1:30-ish.

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