Monday, January 28, 2008

Tale of The Sheddy hat

Okay, on with the shedding hat. I'm really liking the design I'm coming up with, it's just the yarn doesn't seem to completely fit the pattern. I love the colour and the yarn is warm, but I tend to have sensitive skin and anything remotely fuzzy annoys me. I'm going to finish this hat as a preliminary of the design and then reknit it, with improvements and hopefully no mistakes in a different yarn. Don't I just look ecstatic in this picture? I am amazed my makeup looks semi-descent. hahahaha Considering I only got about 5 hours of sleep also, not horrible. Mind you, my hair is in a ponytail and is sticking out of the top of the hat, so that maybe why I look a little odd. I dunno.

Here is a blurry detail pic of the hat. It will change I think tp the point where there are more variations between where the mock-cables are. It is amazingly a quick knit, I don't know when I knit half of it. I mainly only remember doing the ribbing. =P

So the search began by going through my two large bins of non-sock yarn in my bedroom closet. mind you, this stash has actually started to go down. Shocking, I know. considering my life revolves around sock knitting. This bin is of yarn for me-projects. Aka, basically the nice yarn that most people wouldn't notice, like omg that's Karabella cashmere or wow, that Cascade yarn is really very beautiful. Great choice for that project. Yeah, the yarn snob bin.

Here is the second bin of "gift" yarns. No, not all of them are crap, a lot of them are actually pretty descent, just not as expensive or destructive as the other bin. Some of these are acrylic or part acrylic, I believe I mentioned in an ealier post that I don't trust most men with wool, this would be the bin with their yarn. Some are cotton and most are wool blends.

I pulled out these yarns below. Two of them are my beloved Malabrigo that I need to use up, Berroco Foliage, the yarn my sister got me in Turkey, and Cascade Tweed. I love the tweed, but I'm not sure the pattern would show up as well on it and I want it to show in my final design pictures. I most likely will go with either the plain beige yarn or the blue/white Malabrigo. Tell me what you think.

Oh yes, classes are in full swing, yay? Actually its kind of nice getting my mind off of pathetic mundane crap and actually feeling worth something. =P
And no, I still haven't finished that "Half Blood Prince" sock. I will one of these days, I promise! Just kind of in a "hat" swing right now.
I knit in class. Not ashamed, I'm ADD as hell and it helps me listen. Being in an "art" based major, more people understand than don't. I sat, listened and participated in my class tonight while working on my hat. I did happen to finish the hat. Amazingly, which I am seriosuly surprised about is that I made the hat the perfect length which is sweet! I am awesome or just lucky as hell. hehehe Here are two pictures of the finished hat below. I'm going to rework it without all of the mistakes and see how it goes.


Unknown said...

Cool top, but the beginning looks like mine.

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